Chiefs Pass On Owens, Kearse & Wistrom

Chiefs prefer a wait and see attitude at the start of free agency. With many of the top free agents signed, sealed and delivered, the Chiefs are hoping to bring in the second tier free agents next week for a visit.

A day after watching Jevon Kearse and the Philadelphia Eagles agree to an eight-year deal worth $66 million dollars, the Chiefs also passed on the Terrell Owens sweepstakes and never had a chance to bid for Grant Wistrom.

While many teams around the league spend early and often in the first days of free agency, the Chiefs, as usual, elected to wait for the market to drop.

This is hardly a surprise; the Chiefs have done this for years now. And to give you an idea on how active the Chiefs plans were to jump head first into the early season spending spree, know this: the Head Coach and GM are both on vacation right now.

Translation: the Chiefs want no part of big free agent contracts, at least not right now.

After Owens agent, David Joseph failed to file the proper paper work to the league to void Owens' current contract, Owens was quickly on the trading block and eventually Baltimore was the taker.

The 49ers traded Owens to Baltimore in exchange for the Ravens' second round pick (51st overall.)

"We talked to roughly half the league, and frankly, Baltimore had the best offer," said 49ers GM Terry Donahue.

The Chiefs had some interest in Kearse and would have gladly given up their second round pick for Owens, but the dollars and cents were not going to match with the Chiefs current free agent priorities.

Wistrom who was rumored to be coming to the Chiefs for a visit on Wednesday instead signed a $30 million, six-year deal with the Seahawks that included a $14 million signing bonus.

The Chiefs goal in free agency was to sign their top three free agents; FS Jerome Woods, RT John Tait and DE Eric Hicks.

While the Chiefs have completed the job with Woods, they still have much work to do if they are to retain either Tait or Hicks. Though Hicks and Tait both have indicated they'd like to return to KC before free agency began, no signings appear imminent especially for Hicks who recently indicated he'd like to play elsewhere next season.

Tait has drawn heavy interest from Miami and Chicago. Tait's agent Ethan Locke is after a sizable contract that will include a signing bonus of $12 million dollars and there is no way the Chiefs will grant that kind of cash. Nor is it likely that he can get that kind of signing bonus from any other NFL teams especially the Bears who are as tight fisted as they come in the NFL. Tait met with the Dolphins on Thursday and is scheduled to meet with the Chicago Bears. They are the front-runner to sign Tait to an offer sheet.

The Chiefs and Hicks were in talks, but a deal could not be hammered out before free agency began. Hicks who visited Arizona on Thursday, has know other official visits planned.

Should Hicks sign elsewhere and the Chiefs opt not to match Tait's offer sheet that will free up about $8-10 million dollars. Then you can expect the Chiefs to dive into the free agent spending spree, just not before. The only problem with that is the true impact defensive players they covet could all be gone. Top Stories