Vincent Visits Chiefs Today

After making him their top free agent target shortly after the 2003 season ended, the Chiefs finally will get a chance to woo and sign former Philadelphia Eagles cornerback Troy Vincent.

The Chiefs desperate to upgrade the cornerback position have let the market settle down since the beginning of free agency. Other free agent corners have cashed in since last Tuesday when the NFL Meat Market opened. Champ Bailey signed with the Denver Broncos, Antoine Winfield inked a deal with the Minnesota Vikings, Shawn Springs cashed in more of Daniel Snyder's money in Washington and Fernando Bryant stole money from Jacksonville.

Vincent has been to five Pro Bowls but is also the elder statesmen of the free agent cornerback class. At 32, he still has at least two or three productive seasons but if he comes to Kansas City, he'll need to play at the same level that made him a star in Philadelphia.

When Gunther Cunningham took over for the recently departed Greg Robinson as defensive coordinator; the sense around Arrowhead was the fact the Chiefs needed at least one shut down corner.

Eric Warfield, who recently had lower back surgery and Dexter McCleon have good skills but neither is the shut down corner that Cunningham covets. Though if healthy Warfield has shown flashes of having enough talent to be that type of corner; the jury is out on him because of his back.

But Vincent has that ability and that's why the Chiefs have coveted Vincent for so long. His former teammate, Shawn Barber has been soliciting his services since the Eagles lost in the NFC Championship game. Barber did the same thing for Hugh Douglas last season and thank goodness, his efforts were not successful. Douglas was the biggest bust in NFL Free Agency in 2003.

The Chiefs have to determine if Vincent can be signed to a reasonable contract since other teams are interested in him most notably the Bengals.

Though Vincent might be considered one of the premier cornerbacks in the NFL, he's not worth the $30 million, Winfield and Springs earned. If the Chiefs pay that much for Vincent, they'd be making a mistake and with the John Tait issue still up in the air, Kansas City would have no additional cap room to sign another impact player.

Regardless of the fact they need Vincent to upgrade their defense, they can't over pay for him now despite their need for a true shutdown corner. Vincent is in great physical shape. He has the tools to be as productive as James Hasty was for the Chiefs when he signed a free agent contract in his early 30's.

Other Chiefs News:

On Monday afternoon, the Chiefs had visits from New York Giants right tackle Chris Bober and Barry Stokes who played in Cleveland last season. Both tackles are in Kansas City because the Chiefs have not made a decision in regards to matching the Chicago Bears offer sheet for John Tait.

Bober up until last season was the Giants center but moved to right tackle last year where he had a stellar season. Stokes a former back-up player has been the Browns starting right tackle the last two seasons.

Tight End Jason Dunn has yet to receive the contract offer from other teams that he's trying to pry out of the Chiefs. However, that might change soon. The Chicago Bears are expected to entertain Dunn and are likely to make him the 1A offer that his agent is trying to get from the Chiefs.

Cornerback William Bartee has visited with the Green Bay Packers and New York Giants and like Dunn is now planning on also visiting the Chicago Bears. The Chiefs depending on their success to sign Vincent will be watching the Bartee situation very closely. Gunther Cunningham, who drafted Bartee, would like to have him back.

Still no word from the Chiefs in regard to their decision to match the Chicago Bears offer for John Tait. The deal for Tait includes a $14 million signing bonus and that is a lot of money to pay for the teams fifth best starting offensive lineman. Tait is a role player who works well as part of the sum not as the star of the line. The Chiefs though could easily match the offer for Tait.

If the Chiefs give any indication to the Bears who are stuck in the mud in trying to lure any other free agents until the Tait matter is resolved, might be forced to give the Chiefs a draft pick to insure Kansas City does not match the offer. If the Bears gave the Chiefs a second or third round pick, they'd probably pay it to get the deal done for Tait.

Kansas City officially has until late Friday evening to decide on Tait and its expected they'll take every allotted minute to make the Bears and Tait wait for their ultimate decision. Top Stories