KC Making a Run at Sapp?

According to a report at <I>CNNSI.com</I>, the Chiefs have contacted Drew Rosenhous the agent for defensive end Warren Sapp.

Sapp the enigmatic defensive end who has played his entire career with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers has drawn little interest from NFL teams thus far in free agency. Late Tuesday evening that appears to have changed as the Cincinnati Bengals have made Sapp a four-year offer worth a reported $16 million.

As far as the Chiefs are concerned, Sapp falls into the same category as cornerback Troy Vincent. The former Eagles corner signed a $20 million deal with the Buffalo Bills and passed on the Chiefs offer which was reportedly only $16 million. Vincent chose money over a legitimate chance at playing for a bonafide Super Bowl contender.

Sapp had given every indication that money was the key issue and he thought he would get an offer close the $66 million Jevon Kearse received with the Philadelphia Eagles two weeks ago.

It appears Sapp and his price tag have come down but that doesn't mean he still won't go to the highest bidder. He certainly has the right agent to get that done.

Chiefs fans are well aware of Rosenhous and his tactics. He represented Hugh Douglas last year and he used the Chiefs to drive up the price for his client. He did his job as Rosenhous convinced the Jacksonville to over pay for the underachieving Douglas who was a complete bust last year with the Jaguars.

Sapp would be the pass rushing specialist the Chiefs so desperately need on their defense. But Sapp is a descending player and one the Chiefs should use caution in trying to sign to a long term contract. If the price is right, then Kansas City might be willing to take the risk.

But with Sapp the Chiefs will have to corral his antics and with Gunther Cunningham running the show on defense, that should be something easily done. But Sapp can be a distraction and his altercations with other players should give the Chiefs cause to tread lightly in their attempts to sign him.

Over the last three seasons, Sapp has only registered 18.5 sacks. He only had five sacks in 2003 but that would have tied him for the team lead had he been playing in Kansas City last year.

Kansas City has done very little in free agency since losing out on Vincent and signing Chris Bober as a replacement for the recently departed John Tait. But signing Sapp could change all that. Kansas City has plenty of cap room to match the offer from the Bengals but I doubt they'll get into another bidding war with a Rosenhous client.

Sapp will be entering his 10th NFL season and it's reasonable to assume that he has at least two or three more productive seasons left in his 303 pound frame. He can cause havoc for opposing offenses and could be someone that teams will have to pay attention to when they face the Chiefs.

Sapp led the Bucs to a Super Bowl Title two years ago and he could be a positive influence on the Chiefs new revamped defense. But he could also be a cancer in the locker room. Regardless, the Chiefs need to think long and hard about signing Sapp and if the positives out-weight the negatives, Kansas City would be wise to try and sign him to an incentive laden contract.

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