Is This The Chiefs Boy?

With the draft just hours away, the Chiefs might have already targeted their man. No he's not a receiver and that makes Chiefs fans real happy.

The Chiefs brought in just a few defensive players in their pre-draft workouts in Kansas City. Clearly one of them stood out and if Kansas City has their way on Saturday, they could be talking about moving up in the first round to grab Florida State defensive end/ tackle Darnell Dockett.

The Chiefs clearly have three goals in this weekends draft. One to grab an impact defensive player, find away to snag Iowa place kicker Nate Kaeding and find a diamond in the rough wide receiver.

The conscientious pick is a wide receiver in the first round and the Chiefs covet LSU wide receiver Michael Clayton who for some reason appears to be slipping into the second round. The Chiefs feel confident that Kaeding will be available in the third round.

But Dockett impressed the Chiefs coaching staff and could be burning the midnight oil to try and move up in the first round. Dockett has risen and fallen on every draft board and his talents appear to be in the eyes of the beholder and the Chiefs like what they see thus far.

Dockett wrote a diary of his visit to Kansas City for CBS He made it clear that he would love to play for the Chiefs.

"That was the only visit I made, so I feel good about it. I've talked to a lot of teams, including Tennessee, the Jets, the Redskins, the Eagles and Denver. A bunch of teams. But the Chiefs were the only team to bring me in."

In fact Dockett has already spent some of his agent advance on some new NFL jerseys.

"I have a couple of jerseys I bought, and hopefully I'll be putting one of them on. But I can't tell you which ones I have. That's secret."

But Dockett felt some serious love from the Chiefs and he's poised to make an impact on a Kansas City defense that needs a strong playmaker to help shed their 32 label.

"The Chiefs are talking about playing me some at (defensive) end if they pick me, which is fine by me. Put me back out there. I played there in my freshman and sophomore years. I'm ready for it. Please, put me back out there."

Dockett has played defensive tackle at Florida State the last two years but he started his career as a defensive end and he's itching for another opportunity.

The knock on Dockett is the fact teams are concerned with his size and weight. He's tall and thin but still tips the scales at 290 pounds. He had some off field issues at Florida State but turned the corner late in the year. He has great range for a lineman, with great hands and tremendous closing speed. He's not as fast as the late Derrick Thomas but he has the ability to turn the corner and get to the quarterback or disrupt the run by darting into the opposing back field.

At the on set of the pre-draft workouts, Dockett was considered a sure Top 50 pick but teams are enamored by his potential and the Chiefs might be willing to make a deal to ensure they get Dockett.

If that happens, they'd have to also be bold and try to move up in the second round to snag Clayton who for some reason is dropping on some draft boards. Clayton has everything you want in a pass catching receiver. He's strong, fast, runs great routes and coaches love him. The Chiefs have not had a true go-to wide receiver since Otis Taylor and Clayton could be just what the Chiefs offense needs to become nearly unstoppable.

Stay tuned! The fun is just getting started. Top Stories