Tidal Wave! Chiefs Select DT Junior Siavii

Chiefs already have a nickname for there new defensive tackle. They call him 'Tidal Wave' because he can move in any direction and create havoc.

After trading out the first round, the Kansas City traded away their #30th pick of the first round to the Detroit Lions in exchange for three draft picks. With the 36th pick in the draft the Chiefs selected defensive tackle Junior Siavii from Oregon.

Kansas City had hoped to snare one of the top wide receivers but they were all gone. And it became apparent that Siavii was the top choice. The Chiefs had him highly rated and considered would have taken him at the 30th pick in the first round but chose to gamble to acquire more draft picks.

Siavii is Native American Samoa and he is familiar with the Chiefs though his relationships with former Kansas City defensive tackle Dan Saleaumua who had a stellar career with the Chiefs back in the 90's.

The selection of Siavii shores up the Chiefs biggest need a runs stuffing defensive tackle that can push back the guards and put pressure on the quarterback. He's not a sack specialist and he's a very raw player but he has tremendous upside and unlimited potential.

Chiefs Head Coach Dick Vermeil personally met with Siavii in Washington.

"One thing he has that you can't coach is size," Vermeil said. "He has good movement, agility but he's raw. I don't think he understands how good he can be."

For Siavii he wanted to come to Kansas City and be part of the Chiefs.

"I told the coaches to get me to Kansas City I need to be out there," said the Chiefs first draftee. "I know I can be an effective run stopper in the middle and get some sacks."

Siavii was well aware of the Chiefs defensive lapses and most notably was very familiar with the Chiefs playoff loss to the Colts this past January. He made it very clear to the media members that all Kansas City needed to win that game was a couple of stops.

Stopping people is the strength of his game. He has 35" arms and 11" hands. If he can harness his talents, the Chiefs might have found them a player who could help spell back-up relief for the Chiefs this season.

Vermeil was optimistic that Siavii can develop into a more productive player in his second NFL season. Part of the Chiefs problem in 2003 on defense can be attributed to injuries and not enough size in the middle.

That should change with the selection of Siavii and the addition of free agent defensive tackle Lionel Dalton. Chiefs defensive coordinator Gunther Cunningham has to be happy with his new defensive lineman. Siavii said when he first met Cunningham in Kansas City when he visited Arrowhead earlier this month that Cunningham looked angry when they first talked.

"Gunther is hard core. Old school. But at the onset of our meeting he was not smiling. But he opened up to me," said Siavii.

Chiefs President, Carl Peterson also liked the selection of Siavii. "He has an aggressive mean streak."

That's something the Chiefs defense has been lacking the past two years. That should change with Siavii.

Up next for the Chiefs is the 61st selection. This could be the round they select Iowa place kicker Nate Kaeding.

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