Broncos Offense Has Struggled Without Portis

It's not too early to start thinking about the season opener against the Broncos. The Chiefs are already working on a game plan and in Denver they are concerned over their lackluster offensive performance.

Though the regular season is still weeks away, the Kansas City Chiefs and Denver Broncos are looking forward to hooking up on Sept. 12 in Denver.

Both teams have yet to win a ballgame in the pre-season; however it does not really matter until the September afternoon in Colorado. Broncos quarterback Jake Plumber is looking more like, the Jake Plummer that played in Arizona this preseason.

Plummer has only completed eight passes for 74 yards in two games, with three of his passes going to the other team. The Broncos offense could very well miss running back Clinton Portis this season.

"If this was our first regular-season game and we go out there and play like that, we get beat by 30 points and we know that," wide receiver Rod Smith told the Rocky Mountain News. "So that's what we're trying to eliminate. When Kansas City looks at us on tape, we want them to see the Broncos they're going to get. We don't want to save it."

In the game last season at Arrowhead in what could have been one of the most controversial endings ever when Dante Hall ran back a punt to win the game. The return could have been called back for clipping, not once but twice.

Hall, who ended up running back four returns for touchdowns last season, knows that the opponents will keep a tighter eye on him. Hall did run back a fifth kick in the playoffs, which would have been the NFL record if it were a regular season game.

"It will be difficult," he said to the Wichita Eagle. "People are making adjustments. I'm a target, a bull's eye. Last year, the opportunity was there to get six or seven. I should have gotten six or seven and shattered the record."

In the final game of the season against the Broncos, Hall had an outstanding game receiving. He had 124 yards, which was his season high, in a win over Buffalo he had a then high of 107 yards. This coming from a guy who used to line behind the quarterback at Texas A&M.

Despite all of the attention Hall got last season for returning kicks to the endzone and the free trip to Hawaii he says, "People want to come up and talk football get an autograph, sometimes I'm just not in the mood for it. But, I do it anyway because I don't want people thinking I'm too big or better than them. It's not my nature to big-time anyone."

One of the questions this season can and will the Chiefs be able to win the amount of games in a row they did last year or will their first loss be against the Broncos? The schedule is not looking too favorable. In the second week they play NFC Champion Carolina, and then an improved Houston Texans team.

Then on the forth week they play an always tough Baltimore Ravens team. That game and the Broncos game will be one that Chiefs will have bring there A game. They will need Hall to get them field position and their offense to score when they can. Top Stories