Will Chiefs Make a Run for McCardell?

The worst thoughts were confirmed this afternoon as veteran wide receiver Marc Boerigter will undergo knee surgery on Monday to repair what is believed to be an ACL tear. That means the Keenan McCardell rumors are going to resurface once again.

Dick Vermeil announced in his press conference on Sunday that it's unlikely Marc Boerigter will return this season. The Chiefs will have to decide whether to put him on injured reserve for the season. If they do it now, he won't be able to play this season even if he's able to return after surgery sometime this season. The Chiefs could carry him on the final roster and then place him on the injury list after the final cuts. He then would be eligible to return after the sixth game.

Chiefs head coach Dick Vermeil did openly discuss the possibility of trading for wide receiver Keenan McCardell who is currently sitting out in a contract dispute with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

"If they can't sign him how could we? "It's money. That's where it is. We brought McCardell in before. That's when we signed Johnnie Morton. He's a good receiver – a ball control type guy who can catch the hell out of the ball. But we're going to have salary cap problems now with our injured reserve. The dollars are almost gone already and the season hasn't even started. I don't think that's in the works."

In fact there is little chance. Though the Chiefs apparently struck gold with the addition of another disgruntled player in John Welbourn, who the Chiefs traded for on draft day, unlike McCardell, Welbourn agreed to honor his contract.

If McCardell would agree to withdraw his demands for a new contract; the Chiefs might entertain the remote possibility of acquiring the Bucs top receiver. The Bucs already signed free agent Tim Brown earlier last month and the Chiefs showed zero interest in acquiring his services.

Vermeil indicated that Johnnie Morton is no closer to making it back on the practice field yet alone a game. That means the receiving corps consist of two veterans and a couple of rookies.

Samie Parker was noticeably absent in Saturday Night's game. He has been battling a sore hamstring and that means that Richard Smith will get significant playing time on Thursday against Dallas. Smith as it appears now will be the teams third wide receiver moving ahead of Parker. Dante Hall and Eddie Kennison will be the starters for the conveivable future unless the Chiefs acquire another starter.

Chris Horn has been inconsistent but at least he knows the offense where as a veteran might need some time to learn the system. But this offense does not thrive or need a great performance from its wide receivers but they still need ones who can catch a third down pass if the running game has an off game. Trent Green has done a remarkable job in his career in Kansas City working with average receivers. He'll be tested the balance of this season.

Vermeil also addressed the kicking game and though Lawrence Tynes did well on Saturday, making two and missing one long field goal, he's still in a battle to supplant veteran Morton Andersen.

"I thought Lawrence Tynes did a good job. He missed a field goal. We know he can kick off. Lawrence Tynes is definitely in the hunt. Now, the one he missed he hit the goal-post. Morten Andersen might have made it and might not have made it. He's made a ton of them, I know that. But Lawrence is still in the picture."

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