Chiefs Make Roster Cuts

Outside of quarterback Casey Clausen the Chiefs yielded no major surprises as they trimmed their roster to the league mandated limit of 76. Because Kansas City had 11 participants in NFL Europe this past season, they were allowed a special roster exemption.

Chiefs Roster Cuts
QB Casey Clausen – The Chiefs liked his ability but with the return of Damon Huard to the roster Clausen was the odd man out. Still he has tremendous upside and I think he can be a starter in the NFL. Don't rule out the possibility of his return somewhere down the line. He needs at least one or two seasons in NFL Europe.

WR Zach Fletcher – Was on of several wide receivers cut on Tuesday. The former Alabama star could not match the skills of fellow undrafted free agent Richard Smith.

WR Herb Haygood – The former Indianapolis Colts practice squad player simply had to many people in front of him to compete for playing time.

WR Dave Klemic - Just can't get the right break. He valiantly tried to catch on with the Chiefs again but his size really does not make him an ideal fit for Kansas City. Still Klemic gave it his best after recovering from a broken leg that has hurt his chances from making an NFL roster.

WR Jeris McIntyre – Will end up being the only draft pick released out of the 2004 class. I can say even without the season playing out that this class will be remembered for many years to come. McIntyre was always the weak link of the draftees.

RB Jonathan Smith – The former Washington State standout definitely has skills but he had zero chance for playing time. With Priest Holmes, Larry Johnson and Derrick Blaylock ahead of him, all Smith could do was run behind the third string offensive line. He has talent and might be a practice squad candidate.

The Chiefs made another roster move on Tuesday when they put Guard Donald Willis on the Unable-To-Perform List; aka the PUP list. The official injury to Willis has been his back but Vermeil indicated that Willis was over-weight and he'll have six weeks to get in shape.

Sunday at 3:00 central time the Chiefs will have to trim 23 players from their current roster. The league mandates that each NFL team get down to the regular season roster limit of 53 players. It should be interesting to see what the Chiefs do with a few veterans who have not looked very good in the pre-season. With the influx of some young and talented players making contributions especially on the offensive and defensive lines. It's possible that some productive veterans could be searching for new teams this weekend. Top Stories