Post Game Quotes Fox & Vermeil

The outcome was much better for Carolina Panthers head coach John Fox then Chiefs head coach Dick Vermeil. Both offered up their comments on the Panthers 28-17 victory shortly after the game.

After the game both head coaches dissected the Carolina Panthers 28-17 win over the Kansas City Chiefs. Obviously the Panthers top man John Fox was in better spirits.


Opening Comments:
"That's why they were in the Super Bowl and we were not. They haven't lost that edge – a good, tough, physical football team. We had a shot at halftime, I thought, to come out and play better the second half and they did and we didn't. If I had that second quarter fourth and one call to make over before the half I'd have gone ahead and gone for it and not kicked the field goal. I thought it out and thought it was the best thing to do. My basic thinking was that it's early in the game and you get down there you've got to come out with points. If I had known we're going to lose by 11, I probably would have done it, especially on that one in the second quarter. We only scored one offensive touchdown. When was the last time this offense did that? But as I think now that the game is over it would have been better to give them a shot to make the first down and see what happens.

"Offensively, we're not converting third downs and putting the defense back on the field. If you keep exposing the defense things are going to happen. We broke down on the one long run. We're already thin at receiver and when Eddie (Kennison) went out that hurt us a little bit. We've got to be more efficient on third down and I think we can get back to where we're playing the kind of ball we were playing last year. We're not right now from an offensive standpoint."

Q: Why wasn't Priest Holmes in the ballgame at the end?
VERMEIL: "I asked if he was healthy and fine and he said he was."

Q: You must be frustrated by the penalties because they come at such bad times.
VERMEIL: "We've been the least penalized team in football the last two years combined. We were penalized for a wide receiver holding on a big long run. It's just little things – maybe a little lack of discipline on our part, lack of concentration and focus. They call it. It seems like right now we're getting them called on that situation. The people have got to recognize that you just don't know when it's going to be a good play that it nullifies. We have such good habits in regards to penalties we might just be taking it for granted that we won't get penalties called."

Q: Last year a play like Warfield's turned games around. Did you feel that play for a TD might have?
VERMEIL: "I did. Then we got a penalty in getting excited that we scored and we had to kick off 15 yards back and they get the ball at midfield. I'm not going to comment on those kinds of penalties. I think (Warfield) played well over all. He's had a great camp. He's played well in the preseason and done well. But offensively, we've got to get some production. We didn't produce last week and we didn't produce this week. We go from the number one scoring team in the NFL for two years to this."

Q: You didn't know about Davis' injury, but did preparing for Foster make any difference?
VERMEIL: "No, none whatsoever. We knew he bounces more. He can bounce around a little more. Hell, they ended up in time of possession with 11 minutes longer than we did. At halftime we had the edge. That just shows you what we did in the second half: absolutely nothing."

Q: How do you fix the defensive rushing problems?
VERMEIL: "Overall, at halftime they had 2.7 yards a rush. We were doing real good. I think we just leave them on the field too long. You give a good football team too many opportunities….they ran the ball 39 times. You give them too many opportunities and they're going to pop one once in a while. We overexposed the defense."


Opening Comments:
"I knew this would be a tough game way back when I first got the schedule. This is always a tough place to play and a very talented team, obviously they went to the playoffs in the AFC a year ago – right in the thick of it. I was proud of the way we played with some of the things that happened this week and obviously with what happened to us Monday night. I think we stepped up and played the way we are capable of."

Q: On losing two important players on his offense.
Fox: "Fortunately our scouting department did an outstanding job. We drafted Keary Colbert as an area we wanted to inject some talent in, since I've been coach here anyways. I thought he was an excellent pick in the second round. This game, part of this game is injuries. The guys had to step up. DeShaun Foster, this isn't new news for him. He's done it before. He did it last year. He missed his rookie season due to a knee injury, but you've got to do whatever it takes and injuries are part of it. Kansas City had starters out. So it happens every week and good teams overcome it."

Q: On the role of Keary Colbert going from inactive to starting this week.
Fox: "Well it's kind of an odd situation and I can understand that question. I didn't want to do it because I know his value to the offense, but this is a team game and special teams are a big part of it. My fourth wideout has to be a special teams ace and that's the way we do our active roster."

Q: On getting the running game clicking after last week.
Fox "The running game is our basis. The thing that happened to us a week ago, we were down 24-7 and its hard to be real patient. That was a challenge we made to the team and I thought the offensive line executed. Our backs ran hard and everybody involved in the blocking element did a good job."

Q: On DeShaun Foster's running style.
Fox:"I've always felt good about his inside running ability. He's a very talented back. He's got size to run inside. He's got speed and quickness to get around the perimeter. Ball security's probably been the thing on him up until now and I thought he did outstanding in that department today."

Q. On his defensive adjustments in the second half.
Fox: "You know, they came out of the blocks in the second half and ran about eight straight play-action passes. That wasn't exactly what we anticipated. Once we settled down, had a feel of what they were going to do from a play-action standpoint, I think our defense had a much better second half than they did a week ago."

Q. On rebounding from the Chiefs defensive touchdown with a long scoring drive.
Fox: "Jake (Delhomme) has done that before. I remember in the Tampa Bay game a year ago, he made a couple big plays and then came back and won the game for us in the two-minute drill. These guys aren't going to be perfect every week. They're going to make some mistakes." Top Stories