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Trent Green was obviously dejected after Kansas City lost 28-17 to the Panthers on Sunday. He along with all his teammates all know they have to play better if they want to salvage their season goals.


"You come into the season with the expectations and the confidence that we were feeling as a team and then be 0-2. There's lots of different areas where we're not performing well enough. Just from our side of the ball offensively we're not putting up enough points. That's what we'd done the last couple of years. We haven't done it well enough."

Q: On if he's surprised by the lack of success and if he thinks other teams have figured out how to play them:
GREEN: "I think there's a number of areas that cause that – one right now we're just very, very thin at wide receiver. The injuries have taken a toll. Going into camp and mini-camp it was one of our deepest spots. Right now, we're kind of scrambling to put guys in there. We just don't have the continuity right now. We lost Eddie (Kennison) today and Johnnie (Morton) is still not 100 percent and Richard (Smith) still has a ways to go. I think if you look at the first couple of series offensively, we did a good job of keeping them off-balance. We moved the pocket, play-action, that kind of thing was very effective. Then you look at the fourth quarter where we only had four plays for about a minute and a half. Third quarter was non-existent for us."

Q: On the fourth-and-one decisions.
GREEN: "The first one I was kind of hoping for because we had a little momentum and that drive was such a good drive. I understand where he was coming from being the first drive of the game. He wants to get something positive out of it. If you don't make it, then it sends a negative feeling throughout the stadium. I can understand it. The second one I wish he would have gone for it. But I'd like to go for all of them."

Q: On if he sees deeper problems after starting 0-2.
GREEN: "We started off well and moved the ball offensively and spread it around. Once we fell behind and got more injuries at the wide receiver position and had to shuffle some guys through we didn't have the same flow. Once again, the third quarter we didn't do anything with the one possession we had. We were four and out. Four plays in one quarter and only on the field for a minute kind of took us out of our rhythm. By the time we got anything going in the fourth quarter, we were trailing. "In the first half nobody was near me. The offensive line did a great job because of the situation. All of a sudden you fall behind and you get in a passing kind of mode where you can't do the misdirection; you can't do the play-action because they're not going to bite. The advantage fell into the defense's hands as that game went along. That had something to do with it."

Q: On the sweep call on fourth-and-one.
GREEN: "We had talked about third down being effective running the ball. That play there we had talked all week was going to be one of our first third and three to four range. It didn't surprise us because we had prepared all week."

Q: On if he personally feels frustrated.
GREEN: "I felt real good about the way the first half went. Then all of a sudden in the third quarter we only had a couple of plays and I felt we had to start stretching the field. We fell behind and then all of a sudden because of the injuries we weren't real smooth and then a couple of drops and then it's I've got to force something into Tony (Gonzalez) because he's so reliable. As that game went on, I felt there were some plays I needed to try and make. As a team, we need to start pressing. The expectations were nowhere near 0-2. We still have 14 games left. There's a long way to go." KANSAS CITY CHIEFS PLAYER QUOTES:

Beisel: "I think for the most part we played pretty well. We gave up a couple of big plays and that's the story thus far. We need to focus on our technique, everybody getting their responsibilities and getting their job done. Everyone knows what they've got to do and they need to get it done."

Q: On starting the season 0-2.:
BEISEL: "We've got 14 games left. We've got a long season left ahead of us. We like our chances. We got a lot of games left and don't write us off yet."

Q: On Carolina's third quarter 8:13 drive.
BEISEL: "That was tough, we gave up a couple of third and longs. That's always tough when you want to get off the field. The bottom line is we just got to get our offensive on the field more."

Q: On his TD interception return.
WARFIELD: "It was a play they ran on me earlier and I think it was the one where there was a holding call. Initially I should have had a break up on the play then, but they came right back at us. They came off the line late and I thought they were going to try and run the same route. That's what happened, I sat and held my ground and broke to the ball and went to the house. There were a lot of good things that happened but everything is overshadowed by a loss. "We've been working hard since mini-camp and two-a-days, and it's more of a struggle for me having to deal with my off-season surgery and I'm trying to bounce back. I'm glad I'm healthy, but it's disappointing to start out this way. We have a great team, we've got too many great players on this team to be 0-2 right now, but yet we are. We just got to bounce back."

Q: On the play of the defense.
BARBER: "We didn't execute on a lot of third downs in one drive and didn't communicate different adjustments on some short yardage plays. Those are the areas I think we need to continue to focus on improving so we can turn this thing around."

Q. On the effect of Warfield's interception.
BARBER: "We got a lift, and we got so excited we got a penalty. The guys out there for the majority of the ballgame the guys on defense had a lot of energy and excitement. In some key drives we didn't execute."

Q. On being 0-2.
GONZALEZ: "That's where we are at right now. I wish we could change it but we can't. We need to look forward now and get this thing turned around now. We just weren't able to go out there and execute certain plays and then you become predictable in third and long situations. You got to give them credit. They came in here with a highly touted defense and they played a pretty good game. We know we can play better. We had an injury problem when Eddie (Kennison) goes out of the game; it changes the dynamic of the passing game. Nothing against Richard (Smith) but he is a rookie and we've got to pick it up overall. Everybody's got to do a better job. Everybody has to step it up. We're a good football team, no doubt about it. I don't think anyone's confidence is shaken, but we do have to question ourselves and say ‘What can we do to get better.'" Top Stories