Johnson Rumblings Still A Hot Topic

Running back Larry Johnson's days might be coming to a close in Kansas City, reports coming out of Chiefs camp is the he could be traded soon. But as of late Tuesday he was still a member of the Chiefs.

The Miami Dolphins are considered a top candidate for Johnson's services, after their running back Lamar Gordon went down with a season ending shoulder injury on Sunday. Gordon was put on injured reserve Tuesday afternoon. The Buccaneers lost their back Charlie Garner to a knee injury on Sunday as well.

Rumors continue to make Internet fodder as two teams appear leaning toward contemplating making an offer for the former Penn State back, the Philadelphia Eagles, and Dallas Cowboys. However the Cowboys squashed that rumor yesterday morning in the Dallas Morning News but the Eagles are one team that could make a last minute effort to try and pry Johnson. The Eagles already own the Chiefs #3 draft pick in the 2005 draft thanks to the trade that sent John Welbourn to the Chiefs.

So if they agreed to give that back, then this could be a Johnson for Welbourn swap and that might be more than a fair trade.

The Dolphins and Buccaneers are both 0-3 and in serious contention to fall out of the playoff hunt. Johnson still was upset over the diaper comments made by Chiefs Head Coach Dick Vermeil. Despite getting ready last week to play, Johnson sat on the bench as Priest Holmes ran up and down the field. Still Johnson is scheduled for little playing time as the teams third back. He wants out and the Chiefs are ready to cut their losses.

Chiefs must make a trade by Oct. 19, which the NFL's mandated trading deadline. Kansas City did say they have not talked to any of the teams that need a running back, and are worried they might not be able to flip the switch on the deal.

The Chiefs made some roster moves yesterday and Monday; they signed veteran quarterback Damon Huard and cut rookie wide receiver Richard Smith. Wide out Chris Horn was kept on the active roster after being brought up last week from the practice squad. Kansas City also sent punter Steve Cheek to the practice squad after his freak injury last week in practice.

In another move announced late last night John Booth was waived and Richard Smith after clearing waivers was re-signed to the Chiefs practice squad. But Horn clearly made an impression on the coaching staff and allowing Smith to be available for 24 hours was a risk but the Chiefs had little choice.

"Well, he (Horn) can do more than one thing. He can play more than one position and he did a good job. He's a great disciplined athlete." Vermeil said of Chris Horn. "He does what you ask him to do as well as he can do it. He's a good football player, just a little guy, you know. We waived him originally because we felt he would clear waivers."

With the possibilities of trades and the roster moves the Chiefs still have to get ready for a tough game Monday Night. Kansas City will be heading over to Baltimore, a game that is a must win for the Chiefs.

Kansas City might have some light at the end of the tunnel if they win the game. Since 1998 six-teams have made the playoffs after starting the season at 1-3. Buffalo, New Orleans, Atlanta, the New York Jets, Pittsburgh, and Tennessee all made the playoffs.

The Titans are also a team that started a season at 0-4 and made the playoffs all the way to the AFC Championship game in 2002. Tennessee ended that season at 11-5 after winning their final 10 out of 11 games.

"We had such high expectations coming in and we still do. We're never going to give up. We have 13 games to go. They're not going to change our schedule. They're not going to change any of the games and make the season shorter." Quarterback Trent Green said. "They're not going to change our rules so we can win a couple of games. The guys we have in here are the ones we have to get (the job) done with and just come back to work and keep going. Nobody's going to quit in here."

Still this is the Chiefs worst start since the 1980 when they started 0-4 before finishing the season at 8-8. Top Stories