Chiefs Back At Work Preparing for Jaguars

The big question this week for the Chiefs will be how they react to their bye week after their momentous victory in Baltimore a week ago. This week they face a Jacksonville Jaguar team that has suddenly lost two games in row after winning their first three games in dramatic fashion.

Right now the Chiefs have the Jaguars right where they need them on a two game losing streak. Jacksonville is a far cry from what they were the first three games of the season. Their first loss was to the Indianapolis Colts in a tight game, and then they were blown out Sunday at San Diego.

The Chiefs meanwhile have to repeat the performance that yielded them their first victory of the season when they defeated the Baltimore Ravens last Monday night. They will have to have the same intensity on defense that dominated the Ravens crisp running game. On offense they have to be aggressive and improve and control the clock.

On Sunday the Jags defense was drilled by the Chargers offense, allowing 34 points and close to 400 yards in total offense. Jacksonville is ninth in the league in points allowed but most of that can be attributed to the first three games when they held opponents under 13 points per game. A week ago they gave up 24 points to the Colts at home and if the trend continues, Kansas City could score over 40 points on the Jaguars this weekend.

"Every game now has the ability to put us back in the race," guard Brian Waters said after practice. "That's how we have to look at it."

The Chiefs are just a game and a half out from the first place Denver who lead the division with a 4-1 record. For the Chiefs the first game of the season could loom large the rest of the season as these two teams don't meet again until the middle of December in a re-match that could determine the AFC West crown.

But that game is far down the road and this Sunday afternoon down in sunny Florida, the Chiefs will have to play a hungry Jaguars team that has something to prove after back to back losses They remain one game back of the Colts in the AFC South. Jacksonville will need to win to keep pace, because they have to return serve a week later in Indianapolis.

"I think we'll see Jacksonville play like they played when they were undefeated," Chiefs coach Dick Vermeil said. "It's hard to be as good as you can be every single week. You travel out to the West Coast and all of a sudden, it doesn't go quite as well and you get beat. But they beat Denver at home already."

In off the field news, the Chiefs announced their plans to renovate Arrowhead Stadium as part of the Bi-State II Tax that goes before voters in Kansas and Missouri in November. They are hoping to get a tax proposal that will give both the Chiefs and the Royals significant money to refurbish their aging structures.

Both stadiums are 32 years old, and are having issues with busting sewer pipes, and problems with over crowding and recently inspectors have noticed that there is faulty wiring that needs to be repaired and upgraded.

The Jackson County Sports Authority, who manages both stadiums, has been out in the community in hopes of getting voters to approve a .25 cent sales tax hike to cover the costs of renovations to make both Arrowhead and Royals stadium more fan friendly. Half of the 25-cents would go to the projected renovations while the other would go towards Performing Arts projects. However voters will get a chance to dictate the outcome of the proposed tax hike on the November ballot.

"These are civic assets," said Fred Logan a member of the Johnson County (KS) Think BIG! Steering Committee. "These are public assets. It's just like if you had a house that was 32 years old. It's going to need some maintenance and it's going to need some upkeep. They are not state of the art anymore."

Other sports teams have announced their moving to other cities, the Montreal Expos to Washington D.C., and Oakland A's to San Jose. Kansas City lost the A's to Oakland back in the 60's. However it does not look like either the Chiefs or Royals will be leaving anytime soon even if the vote fails since both teams are tied to the City until 2030.

One thing that could hinge on approval of Bi-State II tax is the fact the Chiefs are undecided whether or not they will return to River Falls Wisconsin next summer for training camp. There is solid contingency from St. Joseph, Missouri that is preparing a presentation that would include a state of the art in-door practice facility in hopes of luring the Chiefs to Missouri.

If the sales tax is approved, the Chiefs could feel obligated to reward the taxpayers by keeping their training camp closer to home. There is a lot riding on this vote. Top Stories