Keeping the Faith

Today could be it for the Kansas City Chiefs against the Jacksonville Jaguars, as they face their second best must win situation in a row. Starting 1-4 start could kill any chances for the playoffs; however eight teams who have posted that mark have made the playoffs. The Chiefs hope that doesn't happen today.

There does remain a Chief that is staying positive through the rough start, running back Priest Holmes wrote a letter to his teammates, asking them to ‘Keep the Faith'. He also had t-shirts made up with the same slogan.

"Every great championship run is fueled by some sort of memorable theme that carries the team and the fans though the season,'' he wrote. "As a team, we must always ‘Keep the Faith.'"

The Chiefs will now get a healthy Eddie Kennison back for Sunday's game; Kansas City has been missing Kennison's big play ability all season. The wide out has posted five career 100-yard games in a Chiefs uniform.

"We haven't been a big-play team this year," Vermeil said to the Kansas City Star. "Normally those big plays come out of variations of our offense. Eddie makes one. Dante makes one. … We haven't had those big plays."

The Chiefs offense could have hard time against the Jaguars defense, as they rank tenth in the league against the pass. They have allowed 13 plays that have gained more the 20 yards in their four contests this season.

"Eddie gives the play-caller confidence," Vermeil said to the KC Star. "Part of it is confidence to use (our entire offense). Its confidence to call it, because you've seen him do it before under pressure and that helps. We've had Dante there, but they are two different receivers. Two different styles. I think Eddie's return gives Al confidence to use the entire game plan at any time without being concerned. Plus, Eddie can make plays."

Now the Chiefs will have to go into ALLTEL Stadium in the humid Florida weather, and with a history that is against them. They have only won once in three tries down in the Sunshine State, and lost once to the Jags at Arrowhead. Kansas City's last hook up with Jacksonville down there was in 2001, when the Chiefs came away with a 30-26 win.

"This is the first I've heard of it. So yeah it will based on the temperatures (here) today, the last couple of days." Quarterback Trent Green said. "Obviously it's probably going to mean more for the big guys that it will for the smaller guys. It's going to be important and I'm sure the coaches, trainers and everybody will stress that when you're flying you lose water, so they'll be stressing from the second we take off in the plane, that we're hydrating enough." Top Stories