Chiefs Notes: Vermeil Not Very Happy

The Kansas City Chiefs may be (1-4), but three times since 1993 teams with this identical record have reached the playoffs. Two teams with 1-4 starts made the post-season in 2002.

All is not lost on the Chiefs 2004 season at least for this week. With history on their side, Kansas City has a trio of teams that have turned their season around after losing four of their first five games.

1993 Houston Oilers started the season 1-4, only to finish the season with 11 consecutive wins. The Oilers faced the Chiefs in the Divisional Playoff. Joe Montana threw for 299 yards, 3 touchdowns and 2 interceptions in Kansas City's 28-20 victory.

2002 Tennessee Titans rallied from a 1-4 start to finish the season 11-5, only to lose in the AFC Championship game to the Oakland Raiders by a score of 41-21.

2002 New York Jets began the year 1-4 and finished 9-7. The Jets advanced to the AFC Divisional Playoffs, also losing to Oakland 38-24.

Dick Vermeil Press Conference Q & A's

Q: How difficult will it be to save the season and make the playoffs?

Vermeil: We only have one week at a time. We gotta save this week, not the season. There will be some strong teams right now that won't make the playoffs. Each time you lose a game, it makes it tougher to get there. Especially with our schedule.

Kushner's Thoughts: It doesn't get any easier for the Chiefs. Atlanta is 5-1, the Colts are 4-1and the Patriots visit Arrowhead November 22nd.

Q: Are you still confident that (kicker) Lawrence Tynes can get the job done?

Vermeil: All kickers shake me up. The all go through these types of things. Hopefully he'll step up and kick it well. It shocked me that he kicked it that poorly after kicking successfully (earlier in the game). Many times if a kicker is not successful it will be early. But he kicked an extra point and a field goal. On the extra point he got too close to the ball. On the field goal he didn't swing through the ball.

Q: How much of a test will this be for Lawrence Tynes?

Vermeil: It'll be a test. All kickers go through it. Those who don't do it end up on a roster three or four times and end up out of the league. I think there's something else to this guy and I think we'll find out.

Kushner's Thoughts: Morten Andersen has hit seven of nine field goals for the Vikings. Both misses came from 40-49 yards. Andersen is 18-18 on extra points this season. Tynes has connected on five field goals in eight attempts. One miss coming from over 50 yards. Tynes is 12-13 on extra point attempts.

Q: Any changes coming in the secondary?

Vermeil: I don't know right now. I looked at the tape and Jacksonville went right after Dexter McCleon, threw to our left and made great plays. I have two guys that one day may be able to replace (McCleon). I don't know if they're ready.

Kushner's Thoughts: Vermiel was talking about William Bartee and Julian Battle. Bartee has failed before and Battle has been a major disappointment. Vermiel had hoped he'd start this season. A third name is Benny Sapp but the rookie is at least a season away.

Q: Any injuries?

Vermeil: We came out fine. Ryan Sims will have a chance to play (against Atlanta). He's still doubtful on the positive side rather than the negative side.

Kushner's Thoughts: Sims was not missed. Lional Dalton has performed very well during his playing time this season. Top Stories