So Much for the Vick Experience

The last time the KC Chiefs completely and utterly dominated an opponent the way they dominated the Atlanta Falcons at Arrowhead on Sunday, the price to park your car at the stadium was $10.00.

Granted parking costs you $20.00 these days but none of the 78,000 plus fans cared about that after the Chiefs 56-10 shellacking of the Falcons. One thing is certain the team they beat in 2004 was far more talented than the one they beat back in the 90's.

This time the Chiefs played against a 5-1 Atlanta Falcons team led by a quarterback who is so good, the nice folks at Disney actually designed a thrill ride based on his run and gun antics, currently on display at Disneyworld in Orlando. It's called, appropriately enough, "The Michael Vick Experience", and lets you walk a mile, or actually several yards in the shoes of the superstar, ducking and dodging would-be tacklers to sail into the end zone in dramatic fashion. Do you think the "experience" includes several 300 pound-plus lineman bearing down on you intent on separating the ball from your midsection and vice versa?

After Sunday, it should. The Chiefs as a whole seemed to adopt the great Roman ethic, "vini, vidi, vici" or "we came, we saw, we conquered" to welcome the Falcons to Arrowhead. The swarming defense of the Chiefs allowed just 222 yards of total offense to the hapless Falcons, not including yards gained from the locker room to their team bus for a quick getaway. The Chiefs harried, harassed, and harangued Michael Vick so badly; he was taken out of the game for fear that "Wild Man" Jared Allen or some other "defensive specialist" would disembowel him on the next play. Jack the Ripper eat your heart out.

The Falcons tried to run and throw and kick and toss and shovel and sweep and reverse and counter-reverse the football against the Chiefs only to be met with an iron-jawed tenacity that had been sorely lacking from the Chiefs of late. It was like a nightmare for Vick and his previously high-flying offense. It just kept getting worse and worse. Not to mention the fact that the Chiefs offense and special teams play was equally up to the challenge.

Trent Green was masterful in leading his team to a 56-10 drubbing of the so-called "dirty birds" by completing 20 of 27 passes for 269 yards with nary an interception. KC was able to march up and down the field so freely, the Atlanta defense put in a call to Gunther Cunningham asking permission to sit in on his next strategy meeting.

It's no surprise the Chiefs emerged victorious on Sunday. All Chiefs fans knew that this team was ready to explode after all the frustration and controversy they've been through in the last 5 games. The Falcons were in the wrong place at the wrong time and were ripe for the picking, victims of a KC Chiefs wrath that came to a boil early in this game. Even though some pigskin pundits were calling the Falcons, "Super Bowl Contenders", because of their marvelous performance up to this point, they were at a loss for words on this particular afternoon.

The Chiefs ability to manhandle and smother this well-coached and obviously competitive football team spoke volumes. It spoke to other players, other teams, and especially to those whining, sniveling, holier-than-thou, elitist members of the "prime-time" sports media whom had already written off the Chiefs as goners, praying for a great draft in '05.

To them we say, "HA!" These big-city know-nothing naysayers fail to realize how much we love and support our KC Chiefs. So much so that we dress-up like our favorite players, wait in very long lines to get autographs from them, paint our bodies and heads red, white and gold in honor of these gridiron greats and spend copious amounts of money to get a glimpse of the spectacle known as KC Chiefs football, all in a concerted effort to turn our fair metropolis into a virtual Mecca for crazed, fanatical Chiefs fans joining us from all corners of the world.


There are Chiefs fans from Montana, Maine, Florida, Georgia, Alaska, Germany, Japan and beyond, all on a pilgrimage to the sacred destination they consider the center of the universe for football, or at least the center of the United States for football: Kansas City, Missouri: City of Fountains and home to the inexplicable Chiefs.

In the meantime, these throngs of red and white clad battle-hardened football freaks will wait until the next game day to see which KC Chiefs team will report for duty. Will it be the team that was unable to get a 1st down late to save a game that they should have won had they not been so discombobulated in the 3 preceding quarters? Or will it be the snarling, nasty, fearsome squad that blasted the Falcons and made Baltimore Ravens all-pro, all-American, all-talk, all-powerful, all-everything LB Ray Lewis bleed profusely on national TV?

No matter. The truth is that even if the snarling, nasty Chiefs don't show up for the next contest, there are always plenty of nasty, snarling, fearless media-type talking heads to make up the difference in spades. All hail the conquering heroes. Oh yeah, and the Chiefs, too. Top Stories