Fantasy Futures: Indianapolis vs. Kansas City

What a performance last week by the Kansas City Chiefs offensive line. As the mammoth beasts upfront dismissed Atlanta defenders, Priest Holmes and Derrick Blaylock managed to find the end zone an NFL record eight times.

Like I told you last week in this very space, the Chiefs must control the clock and rely on the running game to get themselves to the playoffs. Now let's figure out what you need to do to get your fantasy team a victory this week, as a plethora of fantasy points are available in this weeks match-up between the Colts and Chiefs.

The Colt's are reeling after a home loss to Jacksonville last week and find themselves in second place in their division. Peyton Manning is one of the best quarterbacks in the league and proved last season during the playoffs that Arrowhead does not intimidate him. Receivers Marvin Harrison, Reggie Wayne and Brandon Stokley are a terrific threesome who has wrecked havoc throughout the year. As dangerous as Manning and company have been this season, running back Edgerrin James ability to run between the tackles and bounce to the outside make for a deadly combination to defend.

Kansas City re-focused and went back to their bread and butter, the offensive line. Willie Roaf had his best day as a Chief and proved once again he is a first ballot hall of famer. The dominance on the ground showed America the path the Chiefs will take for the remainder of the season, run run run. Priest Holmes tweaked his ankle, but should be find for the game this week as the Chiefs look to enact revenge against the Colts and stay on track to get to the playoffs.

There are plenty of fantasy starters playing this weekend at Arrowhead. Let's take a look and see how they might affect your squad.

Trent Green - This week Green gets to fire away at the league's worst ranked pass defense. Though the Colts are terrible defending the pass, the Chiefs will again run the football to keep the Colts offense off the field. Green's numbers should be similar to what we saw last week, but he will find the end zone. As the Colts stack the line to stop the run, Tony Gonzalez should find a seam down the middle for a score. I like Green this week and think he should throw for 240 yards and two scores.

Peyton Manning - Start Manning. Much like Priest is every week starter, the same can be said for Manning. He is the general and calls the shots on offense. He has weapons all over the field and will be forcing throws to get the Colts some points. The catch here is the Chiefs should control the clock, so Manning will have limited possessions. When Manning is behind he tends to try to do too much and can turn the ball over. Regardless he's worth a start; just don't expect a HUGE day. Peyton's good for 230 yards and two scores against the Chiefs improved defense.

Priest Holmes - What a game for Priest last week. If he hadn't tweaked his ankle, there's a good chance he could've had over 200 yards rushing and 6 touchdowns last week. Amazing. Now that Priest is the NFL rushing leader, I don't expect him to relinquish the spot for the remainder of the year. Expect Priest like numbers as there isn't a team in the NFL that can stop the Chiefs when they commit to the run. This week he should be able tumble into the Colts secondary often. The NFL's top back could surpass 165 yards and score at least two or three touchdowns on the afternoon. Edgerrin James - James is also an every week starter. He averages just over 26 touches a game, so the Colts will feed him the football. Plus he has looked fantastic this season and is having a great year. The Colts will look to control the clock as well, as their defense is terrible. I think Edge is capable of having a pretty good game, but the lack of possessions will limit his numbers. Expect 90 yards and a score.

Eddie Kennison & Johnnie Morton - Both players have seen production dip this season, but they have contributed as of late and I expect Morton to continue to be the Chiefs possession receiver. Kennison has yet to catch that long touchdown catch and this should be the week. With so much attention focused on stopping Priest, a play action pass to Kennison should net 6 points. Start Kennison in a 12 team league as a flex player and Morton only if you're in a bind.

Marvin Harrison & Reggie Wayne & Brandon Stokely - Believe it or not, Stokley is the Colts leading receiver. But don't think that Harrison or Wayne don't warrant a start. Actually all three would be a good start this week and Harrison is most likely to find the end zone, perhaps twice. Wayne and Manning had a bit of a scuffle last week on the sidelines, but that's just competitors trying to win a game. I like all three to contribute with Harrison and Stokley the biggest fantasy producers. Stokley should find Dexter McCleon lined up opposite him and I like any wideout that gets to play against McCleon. Wayne is the dark horse because William Bartee had a great week last week, but didn't have to defend a receiver the caliber of Wayne. Harrison could get bottled up this week as Eric Warfield should be defending him most of the day. Can't believe I'm saying this but Warfield is playing at a pro bowl level and should be commended for his stellar play thus far into the season. Hopefully he can keep it up, I believe he will. Start all three Colt receivers this week as the Colts will be playing catch up.

Tony Gonzalez - Gonzalez is a must start every week. The Colts can't stop the pass. Priest will be running all over them. And Tony G. remembers how the Colts stole a win from the Chiefs last season. Expect 75 yards and a score as Tony G. and Chiefs will utilize play action passes to move the ball through the air.

Marcus Pollard & Dallas Clark - These two tight ends both have great ability. However, the emergence of Brandon Stokley at the slot receiver position has taken some passes from them this season. I wouldn't recommend either player as it's a crap shoot to determine who will catch the most balls, but both are threats in the red zone. Pollard is probably the better start.

Lawrence Tynes - I refuse to recommend Tynes anymore as his inconsistency is too sketchy to risk. But this week could be a good week for him to get back into the good graces of the coaching staff. There should be plenty of opportunities to score, but they may only be extra points.

Mike Vanderjagt - Vanderjagt is one of the top kickers in fantasy and is a must start every week. This should be a high scoring game and he will have plenty of opportunities. Start him.

Kansas City - I think the Chiefs will control the clock and force the Colts to throw the ball to get back into the game. This could be good as turnovers are likely with such a scenario. However if you are in a league that penalizes for points allowed, the Chiefs may not be a good choice. But last week they dominated the line of scrimmage and put pressure on Vick. There are worse choices, but the Chiefs should give you decent fantasy points. Oh yea, this is the week Dante Hall takes one to the house. I think.

Indianapolis - DO NOT start this defense. The only fantasy playmaker on this team is DE Dwight Freeney and he has the luxury of trying to get past Willie Roaf all day. Didn't happen last year, shouldn't happen this year. Find a different unit to start. Top Stories