Close Only Counts in Horseshoes

The Indianapolis Colts stroll into Arrowhead on Sunday to face the Chiefs in what many consider a battle of the two best offenses in the AFC. Though they have opposite records; little seperates these two teams who enter Sunday's contest with questions that have left each franchise answering more questions than they bargained for in week eight of the 2004 NFL season.

But the Colts have had the Chiefs number and the loss suffered last January in the playoffs had Chiefs fans sick to their stomachs. That statement in itself is enough to stir up emotions in Chiefs fans not felt since the last time the Colts waltzed into KC and rained on our playoff parade.

Or was it the time before?

Or the time before that?

You get the picture.

These callous Colts have made a living by deflating the hopes and dreams of Chiefs fans last January and that set the Kansas City into a haunting mood in the off-season. The abrupt end to the Chiefs 2003 season was led by a plethora of questions. "Who can we get to help the defense?" or, "I feel a draft in here" or, "how many of those damn agave tequila worms does it take to make you forget a playoff loss after a first-round bye?"

Actually the answer is three. After the third worm, the game replay looks like something out of Dante's Inferno. You know, writhing in agony, stuck in purgatory, that kind of thing. Believe me, I know. I was ready to become a professional jai-alai spectator and move to Bali for the finals. My luck: too fat to move out of the way from path of ball traveling at 160 mph. A scenario all too familiar for a KC Chiefs team who seem to have forgotten to point the horseshoe up, when playing the Colts, lest all the luck runs out.

One thing the Chiefs have not forgotten is the thumping they took at the hands of the Colts when it meant the most for this football team. It meant the most for Chiefs fans by proxy and a long nine months of boring baseball and catching lightning bugs. It also meant that we had our own curse to overcome: not the curse of the BAM-Bino but the curse of the LEN-Bino. Dawson, that is.

The curse really means that Len Dawson is so good at what he does; that until the Chiefs make him a coach in some capacity, they'll never win the Super Bowl. It seems plausible. Lenny the Cool has been with the Chiefs for a long time. It's been a long time since we won the Super Bowl. There you go. Let's listen to Len! He knows what to do.

And so, the Chiefs are coming off of a stunning 56-10 blow-out of the Falcons last Sunday, while the Colts are coming off a stunning loss in the last moments of the game to the "Cardiac" Jacksonville Jags. Not to mention the dissention in the ranks of the plow-horses from Indy. Peyton Manning doesn't get shoved around too much by anybody, but by his own players?

I believe this to be a chink in the armor of the Colts.

There are cracks forming at the base of this dam and it's just waiting to crumble at the feet of the NFL team ready to pull that finger out of the dyke. (Dutch boys not withstanding). Naturally, that will be the Chiefs. For the first time this year, the Chiefs are almost healthy. Green looks great, Priest is running very well (keep the faith), L-Train Dalton is fearsome, Jared Allen is, well, wild, Hall is ready to get lost among the crowd and Tony G. has the hands of a violinist. There still are many more heroes in the wings that are ready to avenge the name of Kansas City and reclaim our rightful place on top of the AFC very shortly.

After all, Indianapolis and Colts don't really sound right together. Do they? Indianapolis and Speedway sounds right. Indianapolis and 500 sounds right. It's kind of like saying boardwalk and Peyton place, or Action Jackson. It's almost right but not quite. Much like the Colts promise to be after the proverbial red-headed step-child beating they'll no doubt be suffering from deep within the bowels of Arrowhead, where so many people sport replicas of Priest Holmes' jersey, we hope the real Priest Holmes shows up for the autograph signing at "Sports Nutz" next week (keep the faith).

Another thing about their name is that I'm always worried Indianapolis is spelled wrong. How many "I's"?

Tough name to carve into the Lombardi trophy.

Tougher still for the Colts to get by their next game against a KC Chiefs team that won't be happy until the (horse)shoe is on the other foot, so to speak. A win for the Chiefs at home versus the Colts could be just the spark these guys need to redeem themselves and build up that ever-precious ego to the point of "unassuming confidence", that is, one group of football players who play so well together that nothing is ever assumed.

Nothing overlooked in the formation or in the execution of crucial 3rd and 4th down situations, or in any facet of special teams play. Everything done so precisely that no detail goes unnoticed thereby leaving nothing to be assumed. That's the organization that wins the Super Bowl.

Wins the fame and the glory. Enjoys all the spoils of the victor and breaks the curse of the LEN-Bino!

Unless, of course, it's not Kansas City. In that case, all bets are off. Top Stories