Chiefs Can't Catch Bucs in the End

This week the Chiefs tasted a bit of their own medicine. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers delivered a Chief-like game plan and beat the Chiefs at their own game with a 34-31 final.

Led by running back Michael Pittman, the Bucs tallied 130 yards rushing and three touchdowns. Kansas City's three turnovers killed drives and forced the Chiefs to rush some possessions as the Bucs limited the Chiefs to 11 total possessions. The Chiefs uphill battle for a playoff spot just got steeper.

The Chiefs led 24-21 after a crazy first half. Trent Green was on fire as he threw for two scores and walked into the locker room 17 of 20 for 208 yards. Green found a leaping Tony Gonzalez on a 23 yard zip down the middle of the field and Johnnie Morton for 25 yards down the sideline.

Green almost had a third when he found Eddie Kennison on a slant; en route to the end zone Kennison fumbled on the Bucs 10 and the Tampa Bay recovered. Priest Holmes finished the half with 42 yards and a score.

Unfortunately, Bucs quarterback Brian Griese came out smoking and hit on 14 of 20 passes for 218 yards and two scores of his own. The defense had a tough time containing rookie wide receiver Michael Clayton early on as he finished the half with 3 receptions for 88 yards. Martin Grammatica's missed a 46-yard field goal at the end of the half to secure the lead for the Chiefs.

Tampa Bay returned in the third quarter and Pittman ran for a 78-yard touchdown just minutes into the half. The Chiefs were forced to punt in their first possession of the half and scored only once in the second half. Running back Larry Johnson relieved Holmes in the middle of the third quarter due to a knee bruise. Johnson gained 21 yards on 10 carries.

After two Trent Green interceptions, Kansas City found themselves with an opportunity to win after a missed extra point by Martin Grammatica. At the 3:42 mark, Kansas City took the ball at their 19 and moved the ball to the Bucs 45 by the 2-minute warning.

But Tampa Bay tightened their defense and forced one incompletion and three sacks, including one on 4th and 17 when Tampa Bay only rushed three lineman. The Bucs took possession at the Kansas City 42 and ran out the clock.

Trent Green finished the day 32 of 42 for 369 yards and three scores. Green threw two interceptions. Tony Gonzalez had 9 receptions for 123 yards and a touchdown. Eddie Kennison caught six balls for 104 yards but his fumble was costly. Priest Holmes ended the day with 59 yards and a touchdown before bowing out with a knee injury.

Next week the 3-5 Chiefs travel to New Orleans to try and regain their swagger. Top Stories