Monday Night Makeout

A naked white woman jumps into the arms of a black man just minutes before Monday Night Football airs and the nation is in an uproar! Granted, ABC's intro was classless, even by Fox's standards, but it's nice to see some people still have a sense of humor and laugh it off.

Take me, for instance. Is this something I should get bent out of shape about? Nah, football is as much entertainment as movies and reality television. We read coaches lips when they curse and we hear swear words from the players' mouths during games. Nobody complains. A racy introduction is just part of the game. What bothers me is classless plugging cross-promotion.

ABC knows they made a mistake by running the skit. Monday night, when the Chiefs and the Patriots face off, get ready to see a skit from Tony Gonzalez and Trent Green. The network already sent a copy of the skit to the Chiefs brass for their approval. Expect a "G" rated performance.

Speaking of Tony G., here was his take about the ‘Monday Night Make-out,' "We're in the Midwest. I bet the people in California don't care about it".

Unfortunately Tony, people in California do care about it. So do people in New York, Florida and Massachusetts. Columnists and talk show hosts from all across the land are in an uproar.

My advice for ABC, show a little class and look a less like "Desperately Seeking Ratings" and more like America's Broadcasting Company.

T&A with T.O. would look nice Friday nights around 10 O'clock.


Friday at practice, it looked as if Dick Vermeil was looking more tired than usual and was quite curt with reporters. A three and six record tends to do that. From what I'm hearing, coach may be considering calling it quits after this season.

In November of 2003, when the Chiefs were 9-0 Vermeil had talked about how his body and mind were wearing down as the season progressed. On Thursday I asked him how he felt emotionally and physically, "The season takes its toll and I definitely feel more tired this year. This season has taken a lot out of me," Vermeil said.

While Coach Vermeil may look tired, each player that I talked to said they see a side of Coach they haven't seen in three years. A testy coach. Eric Hicks says, "Coach is more fired up than ever. For a man at that stage of his life and career to be that energetic gives you no other choice than to get fired up yourself ". To a man, the consensus was that Dick Vermeil has at least one more season left in him.

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