First Look: Chiefs vs. Titans

After a month without a win, the Chiefs finally go into a game on a winning streak. They'll play there third and final Monday Night game of the season as they go back on the road to take on the slumping and injured Tennessee Titans.

Tennessee is coming off a great first quarter, which saw them put 24 points on the board against the leaky Indianapolis Colts defense. They discovered what many teams have faced this season when going up against the Colts. The Titans knew the Colts would have have a hard time stopping anyone defensively as their magical carpet ride continues to role with a great offense especially when playing at home at the RCA Dome.

The Titans were charged up by three onside kicks in the first quarter, and two long throws by back-up quarterback Billy Volek. The Titans quarterback of choice is starting for the injured Steve McNair who has already begun publicly talking about retirement since he's missed most of the season due to various injuries.

The receiving star last week was Drew Bennett, who only had three catches during the game but he had 124 yards in offense. When the Chiefs face the Titans on Monday Night they'll have to be aware of Bennett and where he is on the field at all times. He's sure to cause the defensive coaches some nightmares when they look at the game film from last week.

Another Titan that Vermeil will have to keep his eye on is running back Chris Brown, who is having solid year on a bad team. He's rushed for 976 yards which is quite a feat considering the Titans are generally passing most of the game because they've been behind in so many contests that Brown has been an afterthought most of the time. Still he's managed to gain nearly six yards per carry and he has that cutback ability that has given the Chiefs defense fits. That's something that Titans head coach Jeff Fisher hopes to exploit on Monday.

"Our run game was the reason we got off to a fast start. They felt like they needed to add a safety to help stop the run." Titans head coach Jeff Fisher said, "We took advantage of that. We put the ball down the field and made the plays. Once they got ahead a little bit, we had to throw on early downs to catch up and they took the deep balls away by coverage."

However for the Chiefs, they now have to face a team that has success-running ball unlike the Raiders last weekend. Oakland as expected Sunday threw the ball over 40 times and only rushed the ball ten times and gained just 30 yards.

But the Titans defense has had trouble stopping the run this season and now must face the Chiefs own two-headed monster in running backs Larry Johnson and Derrick Blaylock. Blaylock left Sunday's game with an injury but is expected to see some action-while Johnson ran his most successful day as a Chief rushing for 118 yards and two touchdowns.

"They outscored Indy at home." Fisher said about the Chiefs offense, "They can put points on the board. They have done that. My understanding is Priest (Holmes) has a chance to come back this week. He is obviously a great player. They have a great tight end; they have good receivers and a quarterback that understands. They have a very physical, big, strong physical offensive line. Where Indy puts pressure on you with a running back, they'll put the pressure on you with the running game and then complement it with the deep play action pass." Top Stories