Cunningham Returns to Tennessee

Chiefs defensive coordinator Gunther Cunningham, in a conference call with Tennessee media this week, said his three seasons with the Titans restored a love of coaching he feared he might have lost after being fired as Kansas City's head coach after a two-year stint in 2000.

"I was angry when I got fired," Cunningham said. "But being around Jeff (Fisher) and those players ... they made me what I was at the beginning of my career. I went back to the days when I coached at Stanford and Cal and why I liked coaching. They were the ones that brought that back out in me.

"I walked into the room every day and there was camaraderie, there was respect. It was people feeling about the game like I feel about it. That was when I felt I could do anything.

"I miss Nashville," Cunningham added. "Every once in awhile I'll put that country music on. That helps."

Still many keep asking Cunningham how strange it was to return to Kansas City after being fired as the head coach and Cunningham has never wavered on this thoughts about returning to the Chiefs.

"The worst thing I've been through, there's this press room where the coaches eat at night, and they have all the head coaches pictures up there. I'm between Marty (Schottenheimer) and Dick Vermeil, and I keep thinking I'm dead every time I see that picture. You're not supposed to come back and see that."

By The Numbers:
- The score of Dick Vermeil's last game against Jeff Fisher, a St. Louis Rams win over the Titans in Super Bowl XXXIV after the 1999 season.

500 - The Chiefs have put up over 500 yards in total offense in three of their last seven games. Each time they've won the game.

497 - KC's total offense output in one of those aforementioned losses, this one to New Orleans.

"Whether you like it or not, there are going to be changes next year. I know Coach Vermeil would love to keep all of us, but the reality of the situation is that's probably not going to happen." -- Chiefs RB Larry Johnson, on the glut of three running backs in the Chiefs offense. Top Stories