AFC West Report: Offensive in the Pro Bowl

It's hard to figure which of the following three have gotten ripped more in the last week: steroids in baseball, the national hockey league, or the pro bowl. Simply put it's the one game of all major sports that may come closest to resembling professional wrestling.

Players don't care to get hurt and the game is basically a joke to many. Personally I like it but that's not the point of the story, I just seem to be the only one.

Nonetheless we'll give credit where credit is due for those athletes who rightfully deserve to get the free trip to our nations 50th state. The backfield is loaded and who can't say enough positive things about Drew Brees and his season in San Diego. This fine writer never once doubted the Purdue University alumni. All he did was pass for 3159 yards with 27 touchdowns and only seven picks. Oh by the way he had a 104.8 quarterback rating, that's .1 better than Donovan McNabb. Only Peyton Manning and Daunte Culpepper were better. Brees will start behind Manning and maybe Tom Brady.

Starting at running back will be LaDainian Tomlinson the heart and soul of the Chargers. He's the player that declared he was going to be around to see the rise of the Chargers when the world was against San Diego and particularly Drew Brees. His numbers are down from the last two years but undoubtedly Tomlinson is a player. Going for 1335 and 17 touchdowns, Tomlinson will keep San Diego in the running for playoff spots in the future. Blocking for Tomlinson will be the Chiefs Tony Richardson at fullback. A true blocker as he only got 56 yards on the ground for the year with zero scores.

Be it Manning, Brady or Brees they will have plenty of size to throw it with Tony Gonzalez and Antonio Gates at the tight ends. Gonzalez is becoming the pro bowl veteran, as Antonio Gates will see his first action. Gonzalez had one of his best years breaking personal records in receptions and yardage. The Chiefs big man racked up 1258 yards on 102 receptions. Gates found his role often with both feet in the end zone. Breaking the record for touchdown receptions in a season by a tight end, Gates scored six points seventeen times. Gates fell just shy of a thousand with 964 yards receiving.

The line will be represented well by the Chiefs. Willie Roaf won't play because of injury but has received the honor again. Will Shields and Brian Waters will also get the free trip with their stout performances. The Chiefs running backs aren't good for no reason.

The Broncos will have to rely on the defensive secondary to provide any Denver pro bowl highlights. Champ Bailey and John Lynch come over from the NFC and make a mark on their new team right away earning them a visit to Honolulu.

The lone Raider representative from Oakland will be punter Shane Lechler; it's fair to say he was given his chances this past season. Also making the squad was the ever-famous player needed, and that would be Chiefs long snapper Kendall Gammon. In twelve years Gammon, who is listed as a tight end, has played every game in every season while amounting zero offensive stats to report, only that he played. Top Stories