AFC West Report: Raiders Set to Acquire Moss

Many teams posed interest in Randy Moss after the end of the Minnesota Vikings season, but the Raiders in true thug-like fashion managed to pull the trigger and now have one of the best wide receiver duos in the NFL.

Baltimore, Washington and Atlanta were all rumored to have interest in the seven-year veteran from Marshall but the Raiders were the ones who were able to get the deal done. This was according to Dante DiTrapono the agent for Randy Moss. The trade won't be announced until March 2nd when the NFL begins its fiscal year.

In return for the superstar wide receiver the Vikings will get linebacker Napoleon Harris the seventh overall pick in the first round and a late round pick in this years draft. Harris, from Northwestern, has 180 tackles in his three-year career. The Vikings hope that they have upgraded their defense while riding themselves of the controversial Moss.

This move now gives the Raiders arguably one of the best receiving corps in the National Football League. With Jerry Porter signing a multi-year contract extension and lots of youth and talent behind Moss and Porter the Raiders have all of the sudden become a dangerous aerial team, the kind of down-field attack that owner Al Davis and coach Norv Turner love to see.

With the signing of Porter the Raiders were able to franchise four-time pro bowler Charles Woodson. After a retched regular season it looks as if the Raiders are finally trying to take a turn for the better. Questions still need to be answered at quarterback and running back but slowly Oakland appears to be putting the pieces together. At the very least the Raiders have given their fans something to be excited about. Perhaps they can finally move on from Adam Vinateiri's 47-yard field goal to beat the Raiders in the divisional playoff three years ago.

Other moves have been made in the division and the Chiefs did a little house cleaning on defense. Vonnie Holliday was released after suffering an injury-riddled career with the Chiefs missing most of the 2004 season and part of the 2003 season. Holliday was one of the guys who were supposed to solidify the Chiefs porous defense when he left Green Bay for the Chiefs via free agency.

The San Diego Chargers released Tim Dwight after four injury plagued years as well. Dwight came to the Chargers with LaDainian Tomlinson in the deal that sent Michael Vick to Atlanta. Dwight only started 19 games for San Diego and his playing time was greatly reduced after injuries to his toe, hamstring and two collapsed lungs. Top Stories