Free Agent Cornerbacks Top the List for KC

Rumors are going to heat up in the next two or three days about which players the Chiefs might be interested in signing as the Free Agent Open Market goes into motion on Wednesday. We'll do our best to lay out the possibilities and sort out some of the rumors as Kansas City sets is sights on improving its 2005 roster.

Its been an active week for cornerbacks and that appears to be at the crux of the rumors that surround the Kansas City Chiefs. On Friday when New England Patriots cornerback Ty Law was released, the rumors starting buzzing of Law's interest in coming to Kansas City.

The Chiefs moved quickly and spoke with his agent Carl Poston. Both sides confirmed that any deal would have to wait until Law could take a physical. He is recovering from season ending foot surgery and depending on who you believe; could be months away from getting back on the practice field. That means no team, including the Chiefs is going to sign him in the first few weeks of free agency.

Another player who may or may not be on the Chiefs radar screen is Oakland Raiders cornerback Charles Woodson. He signed a one-year tender on Friday that imploded the AFC West Rivals Salary Cap by $10.5 million. There was a report from CNNSI was the team that Woodson would like to join. His agent is believed to have made a deal with the Chiefs and the tender signing was done to promote a trade to the Chiefs. Now that would mean the Chiefs would have to part with two draft picks for Woodson.

Chiefs coordinator Gunther Cunningham has been pitching the Chiefs brass about trying to lure Samari Rolle from the Titans. His agent has indicated that he has interest in Kansas City but reports this morning indicate he's close to a new deal with the Washington Redskins. Reportedly the deal on the table includes a $15 million signing bonus and if the Chiefs want a premier cornerback; that could be the asking point.

Rolle played with Cunningham for three season in Tennessee but those ties are not as strong as those of Greg Williams who was his defensive coordinator with the Titans and who now serves the same position with the Redskins. If a deal with the Redskins does not get done, then he could visit the Chiefs on Wednesday.

If Rolle does sign, then the Redskins will part with free agent to be Fred Smoot. He in my opinion is the best signing the Chiefs can make but he should not be the only cornerback they should sign if they want to compete in the Wide Receiver heavy AFC West.

If Smoot can't be signed quickly they must make a run at Seattle's Ken Lucas. He has more size than Smoot but he's not as fast. Lucas is closer to Albert Lewis whereas Smoot reminds me of Kevin Ross. Both were pretty good players for the Chiefs.

The latest player on the Chiefs radar screen is Miami Dolphin cornerback Patrick Surtain. He's on the list of teams like Indianapolis and Washington. Surtain only has one year remaining on his current contract and no team will make a deal for him unless he agrees to a long term contract.

The Chiefs feel he's an All-Pro performer though I have my doubts. He has upside but also can be a negative distraction in the locker room and there are other guys who can play the position better and bring more of a leadership quality to the organization. The Dolphins want the Chiefs second round draft pick as compensation and its believed that the Chiefs have only offered a fourth round pick for Surtain provided the two sides can agree to a contract extension.

The Chiefs don't have a third round pick thanks to the trade that yielded John Welbourn a season ago from the Eagles. The Chiefs have yet to learn what pick they'll receive as compensation for the loss of right tackle John Tait. Its being reported it could be as high as a third round selection and that would be good news for the Chiefs who have 11 draft picks so they'll be in good shape to move some picks to maneuver in the first three rounds if they can move up to get a player who can impact this team next year.

That's why its not likely the Chiefs will offer up their second round pick. The Chiefs with needs all over the board need to be smart with their draft picks this year as they need to start to rebuild their roster and start to think about not only this season but 2006 and beyond.

One thing is certain, the Chiefs are going to be very active but if they want an impact cornerback they might have to get out of the shoot quickly and land one of the premier players on the market.

The Chiefs also must address a huge whole at middle linebacker and they need another pass rushing defensive end. The Eagles Jeremiah Trotter is the best linebacker available outside of the 49ers Julian Peterson. At defensive end the Chiefs must make a run at Reggie Hayward from Denver. He's looking for Ryan Sims bucks and the Chiefs need to give it up if they can take him away from their division rival.

If the Chiefs are smart and can sign at least four defensive players in Free Agency, they can be choosy and aggressive in the Draft. Because I believe the Chiefs are going to select wide receiver Mike Williams from USC. He's 40 times were not good on Sunday at the NFL Combines and he has the potential to be a Randy Moss type of impact offensive player. With that addition to the Chiefs already potent offensive weapons would make this offense unstoppable next season.

Stay tuned to Warpaint Illustrated for more information in regards to the Chiefs potential free agent acquisitions. Top Stories