Chiefs Still Willing to Roll the Dice on Rolle

It's amazing how fast things are spread on the internet. In the days since the Kansas City Chiefs began negotiations with cornerback Samari Rolle, all sorts of rumors have been spread about when or if he'd sign a contract with the Chiefs. A new one surfaced tonight and we have the latest update.

Nothing spreads a rumor faster on the internet then one that brings fear and panic to the faithful. For Kansas City Chiefs fans, the latest involves a Knight Ridder article that states that cornerback Samari Rolle has a medical issue which involves a narrowing of his spinal column.

The article which will appear in the morning edition of the Kansas City Star on Monday indicates that it could be a problem but Chiefs Head Coach Dick Vermeil indicated the two sides were still working on an agreement.

The truth of the matter is as follows. Based on the information given to our NFL Scout team the two sides are still in contract negotiations with the intent of hammering out a deal very soon.

When we asked about the injury this evening and its relevance to preventing this deal from happening; we were told the following from our source. "There are no medical issues which are serious of nature that are holding up a deal between Rolle and the Chiefs now that the issue has been identified. While a narrowing of the spinal column may be prevalent, the condition is not believed to be neither career threatening nor prohibitive from him playing the game."

With the sudden report of the medical issue becoming known at this time, one has to wonder what the intent of the information is. The Chiefs, have been extremely interested in securing Rolle's much needed services, with the player being a more than willing participant. Could someone within the Kansas City organization leaked the information to minimize any potential interest of other prospective NFL teams as they continue to try and get this rumored deal done within the timetable set by Samari Rolle when he left town on Thursday evening after his second straight dinner with Chiefs Head Coach Dick Vermeil.

The fact there has not been one zero report of Rolle heading anywhere else and after we already debunked another Internet site claiming the Washington Redskins were players in the Rolle sweepstakes; it still is reasonable to conclude that the two sides are trying to wrap up this deal.

The Chiefs have yet to make a splash in free agency but we're told that talks with Ed Hartwell are proceeding and some of the cap money difference that caused him to leave Kansas City without a contract on Friday are becoming more in line to what both sides are comfortable with to make a deal happen.

Kansas City is still talking with representatives for Kendrell Bell. He visited the New York Giants but he failed their physical in regards to his shoulder. The Chiefs doctors were ok with their evaluation of his shoulder so it appears like Rolle; the Chiefs are the only player for Bell at this time.

No update to report on the Chiefs and their talks with cornerback Dwight Smith as last we heard they were a couple of million dollars apart at meeting in the middle.

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