Ravens Agree to Terms with Rolle

It looks like the Kansas City Chiefs desire to upgrade their defensive secondary took a blow today. Earlier in the day when Dwight Smith inked a deal to sign with New Orleans and now the Baltimore Ravens have scheduled a press conference to supposedly announce the signing of cornerback Samari Rolle.

After intense negotiations with the Kansas City Chiefs that lasted two days, free agent cornerback appears to have found a new suitor in Baltimore and is expected to sign with the Ravens this afternoon in what we've learned is a six-year contract. No signing bonus figures have been released but it's likely somewhere between $12.5 and $15 million.

Reports surfaced Sunday night that the Chiefs were concerned about the spinal cord of Rolle who has a thinning of the spinal cord; which means he's susceptible to paralysis if he was struck the wrong way. The Ravens apparently were willing to take that risk whereas the Chiefs were not.

This is a bitter pill for the Chiefs fans to swallow and its one that could open some conjecture as to what direction that Kansas City is going to head as most of the big name free agents are finding homes elsewhere.

Dwight Smith's deal with the New Orleans Saints is a five-year deal with a $3.5 million signing bonus. Apparently the Chiefs didn't feel that was the right price.

Now everyone has to hope that they are going to pursue free agent linebacker Ed Hartwell who left Arizona without a contract and is headed to Seattle might get an updated offer from the Chiefs.

The Chiefs really only have two choices left to bring in a shut down cornerback now. One they can pursue Fred Smoot who appears to be getting little interest in the open market or make a trade for Patrick Surtain but now the Dolphins hold all the cards because they won't let him loose without that second round pick from the Chiefs.

Clouding that will be those same Seahawks appear willing to make the trade if they can come to terms with Surtain on a more cap-friendly deal.

This is not the news that we had hoped to be brining you today.

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