Kansas City Has to Regroup

Maybe the headline talks more about the fan base that was frustrated with the Chiefs failure to sign veteran cornerbacks Dwight Smith and Samari Rolle on Monday. Now they are awaiting word on linebacker Ed Hartwell who would like to make a decision soon. He appears to be closer to a decision and Kansas City is still in the hunt. But even if they can sign the former Ravens linebacker; the Chiefs cornerback options are drying up fast.

As a fan abuse its very frustrating to the loyal Chiefs followers who are frustrated with the Chiefs who have yet to put a stamp on signing free agents. Losing veteran cornerbacks Dwight Smith and Samari Rolle didn't help morale in Warpaint Illustrated's message boards.

Now the Chiefs are still awaiting word on linebacker Ed Hartwell who would like to make a decision soon. He appears to be closer to a decision and Kansas City is still in the hunt. But even if they can sign the former Ravens linebacker; the Chiefs cornerback options are drying up fast.

I admit to all of you my own frustration with Monday's doomsday news that we lost both Dwight Smith and Samari Rolle. First Smith who would have been a good fit for the Chiefs. But the sticking point was the fact he wanted to play safety and he was a better fit for Kansas City as a nickel back. The Saints in the end didn't offer him that much more coin then the Chiefs did but he wanted to play in the big easy for a team that won't contend. That's his choice.

As far as Samari Rolle, I was going to blame the Chiefs for messing this deal up but he used them just like Trotter did. The bottom line is he claims that he broke off talks on Friday or was it Saturday since he said both things depending on which report you hear about his press conference.

The bottom line is that he thought he was a better fit playing on a defense in Baltimore playing with a host some pro bowl mates. Rolle was not confident that he could blend in and take on the pressure. The Chiefs were correct to ask him about the concerns about his spinal cord.

Granted many people have a thinning of the spinal cord and don't even know it. But what bothers me is the fact that he claimed to be upset about it when the Chiefs brought it up on Friday or Saturday. Well he didn't exactly tell the Chiefs it was a problem when he was visiting considering he told everyone at his press conference that he's had it since he was a youngster. Please!

Enough with him and I'm glad we passed on him.

Granted I'm not happy with the way or the pace the Chiefs have moved this off-season but that's why I'm sitting on this side of the PC. So let's move on because doing anything else will just mount the frustration.

Linebacker Ed Hartwell is still considering the Chiefs despite the fact the two sides appear to be narrowing the gap on his contract demands. The Arizona Cardinals signed defensive end Chike Okeafor and that could tweak the ears of Hartwell that they are intent on building a better defense.

Hartwell is seeking a large signing bonus and reports indicate the Chiefs have offered $ 9 million and he wants somewhere between $10-11 million so the two sides could bridge the gap very easily.

If reports are accurate, he is going to decide between the Cardinals, Dolphins and Chiefs by tomorrow. So we'll see if that's the case. We are attempting to confirm that is the case.

Now Kansas City has to focus on the remaining cornerbacks on the market. The prime targets have to be Fred Smoot, Ty Law and Patrick Surtain. Now each have issues for the Chiefs to consider of they're considering signing one of them.

Smoot is not getting any offers or getting much interest. There is something about him that's causing teams to shy away from him in the early stages of free agency. That perplexes me because I ranked him second behind Ken Lucas, who signed with the Carolina Panthers. Forget the fact the Panthers overpaid for his services, Smoot in my opinion is a better cornerback than Lucas. But why aren't teams talking to him.

The Redskins have a standing offer on the table that includes a $10 million signing bonus and maybe teams don't want to be a pawn like the Chiefs were with Jeremiah Trotter to some degree and Rolle did in negotiating a deal with Baltimore.

But Smoot is worth pursuing and the Chiefs were smart they'd be on the phone to his agent to gauge his interest. I like Smoot who would be a perfect fit for the Chiefs to play opposite Eric Warfield.

The last option is Patrick Surtain from Miami. The Chiefs would have to part with their second round pick. But now the Seattle Seahawks are players in this deal from reports coming out of the Pacific Northwest. Now I've said before, I'm not sold on Surtain but I can't pinpoint it other than to say; he might not be the locker room leader this team needs.

But he might be their only real option other than Ty Law. Now Law is running out of teams and Kansas City has to be high on his list. But when will this guy be ready to walk, run and be NFL ready. Will it be in May, June, July, August or September? That's a risky signing but it might be the best option for the Chiefs.

A lot will depend on what Hartwell decides and then the Chiefs have at least taken some of the pressure off and maybe a player like Smoot would show more interest in Kansas City.

Regardless, I can't see the Chiefs doing nothing the next several days and if they do, then we'll have to deal with a fan base in a bit of crisis.

As always, we'll pass anything on that we hear in regards to their visits, pursuits and hopefully a signing or two!

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