KC Cornerback Situation Still not Without Hope

Ok, I know the crème de la crème is gone, but there are still options out there for the Chiefs in their pursuit to sign or trade for a veteran cornerback or two.

At least the Chiefs have one cornerback who can hold his own and that's Eric Warfield who has the ability to be a true shut down corner. His other mates like William Bartee and Julian Battle do not that ability. There remains a glimmer of hope for Battle but he struggled last year as did veteran Dexter McCleon who demonstrated that he is going downhill fast as his skills are diminishing in rapid fashion.

There are players out there who could start across from Warfield. Ty Law is the front-runner, of course, but Andre Dyson, Corey Fuller, Kelly Herndon or Mario Edwards would also be a sizeable improvement over what Kansas City has on the roster today.

There are several players out there that could add some depth, too. Earthwind Mooreland from New England who stepped in last season against the Chiefs and held his own; has started a few games for the Patriots, and has practiced with some of the best--Poole and Law. If we absolutely can't sign any other premier free agent CB's, he would give Bartee, Battle and McCleon a run at a starting position if all other names mentioned fail to get a deal done with the Chiefs.

Another player on the radar screen is Kevin Mathis who had his best year ever with the Falcons in 2004, who was forced into the starting lineup because of injuries in Atlanta's secondary.

And remember, the cornerbacks will be under a lot less pressure if they are surrounded by better players; Bell will help to get pressure on the QB, hopefully with a good DE to aid him, and a younger, faster safety will help the pass coverage immensely and maybe some of the current Chiefs could start making plays. But that appears to be something that the Chiefs aren't willing to wait on in regards to anyone outside of Warfield.

Add to this the draft, which is at least 10-15 deep on CB's this year, and the unpredictable June 1 cuts, and we still have a lot to hope for, Chiefs fans.

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