With one day to go, Warpaint Illustrated offers up our last 2005 NFL Mock Draft. Once again we go three rounds and the Kansas City Chiefs at this point still have three picks on the first day. Even with the rumored trade for cornerback Patrick Surtain on the horizon, we think the Chiefs will still draft a cornerback. We see a Pac Man in the Chiefs future.


1) San Francisco - QB Alex Smith, Utah
The 49er's have issues across the board, but seemed to have narrowed their selection down to three players if they stay at #1, QB's Aaron Rodgers and Alex Smith and WR Braylon Edwards. Edwards doesn't seem likely with the young receivers currently in place plus with the possibility of the team signing David Boston after the draft. Negotiations with Tom Condon, the agent of Alex Smith appear to be going nowhere, so San Francisco may be forced into selecting Smith without a contract in place, or fall back on plan B.

2) Miami – (Picking for Minnesota), WR Braylon Edwards, Michigan
The Dolphins absolute goal is to move out of this pick and acquire extra selections to fill their many holes. Braylon Edwards and Alex Smith are the guys that team would like to move up for, and I believe Miami may be willing to take less than what is usually required to move down. I expect the number two overall pick to be Braylon Edwards, with Miami getting the Viking's 2 1st rounders, their 4th, and a 2nd next year. The Vikings get their replacement for Randy Moss.

3) Cleveland - LB Derrick Johnson, Texas
The Browns offense needs a huge boost. And their top 2 choices are off the board. So if the Browns don't ante up to take Edwards, then they would look hard at moving down themselves. If not, they may be forced to reach for the player Romeo Crennel is lobbying for, a playmaking linebacker like the type he had in New England. With Edwards off the board, only Mike Williams and possibly Ronnie Brown are the Browns only bargaining chips, so they may be stuck.

4) Chicago- RB Cedric Benson, Texas
The Bears young defense kept them in games last season and is on the right track. Chicago needs to get more big plays from their offense, but with the signing of Muhammad the focus with this pick maybe to build with the best player possible. Not sure Thomas Jones is a franchise back. I hear the Bears like Benson and Mike Williams, and will get their pick of the two. The Bears get their power runner.

5) Tampa Bay- WR Mike Williams, USC
The Bucs have issues on both sides of the ball, but the defense is still sturdy enough, that you would have to believe they'd go offense with this pick. Tampa fans would love to replace Michael Pittman, but with the depth of backs in the draft and a chance to snag a top-flight wide receiver that impressed Bucs officials, Williams has to be the choice over Cadillac by a nose. I suspect that a trade for Travis Henry is in the works for a future draft choice.

6) Tennessee- QB Aaron Rodgers, Cal
The Titans have sunk quicker than their ship namesake. The salary cap has torn this once proud team apart so they have leaks everywhere to patch. The Titans could literally use help everywhere except QB, RB, and DE. I think that drafting the best player available may not be a bad idea, regardless if it's the team's biggest need or not, especially considering the Titans have ten picks in this draft. Trading down may also be something Tennessee looks hard at doing.

7) Minnesota (via Oakland Drafting for Miami)- RB Ronnie Brown, Auburn
The Vikings moved up to get their man, now Miami lands the guy most people had them picking all along plus acquiring a couple of more picks in the draft. It is possible the Vikings themselves, the Bears, or the Bucs could take Brown. If Brown is gone at this point, Miami may elect to draft his college teammate, Cadillac, LB Derrick Johnson, or Canes CB Antrel Rolle with Patrick Surtain likely to be traded to the Chiefs, Cardinals, Seahawks, or Raiders.

8) Arizona- RB Carnell Williams, Auburn
It seems to be a daily debate whether or not Travis Henry will play in the desert or not. A name that has popped up of late is the Vikings Michael Bennett, and Dennis Green guy. It's no secret the team likes Miami corner Antrel Rolle and Denny Green is also intrigued with Cal RB J.J. Arrington in the 2nd round. I think Cleveland would like to move down to select DJ, but the Cards would scoop him up if they moved past this point. When it's all said and done, Cadillac is the perfect style back for Green's offense and too talented to pass up on when other veteran backs price tags are too high.

9) Washington- CB Carlos Rogers, Auburn
The Redskins offense was one of the worst in football last season, combine that with the fact it doesn't look like Rod Gardner will be back, WR becomes an obvious need. Troy Williamson or Mike Williams could be the pick. A trade up for Williams or Edwards isn't out of the question. With Fred Smoot leaving via free agency, acquiring a corner to sit opposite of the rejuvenated Shawn Springs may even be more important. Rumor has it that Rogers is the Skins top-rated corner, so this is no surprise.

10) Detroit- LB/DE Shawne Merriman, Maryland
The Lions have a lot of questions to be answered by the players on their current roster, but one glaring need is depth at defensive tackle. Detroit currently only has 3 on the roster and filling that hole is traditionally tough. Detroit will also look at offensive line, defensive end, and linebacker. With Merriman potentially helping out with 2 of the last 3, look for the Lions to bring a Terp to Detroit.

11) Dallas- WR Troy Williamson, South Carolina
The Cowboys have two first round picks to play with this year. Dallas made an underrated signing when they inked CB Anthony Henry, but they still will look hard at corners. Pac Man and Rolle may be tempting, but the value of what Williamson's speed would inject to the offense, it's too much to pass on. The Boys lack a deep threat for Bledsoe's big arm, so if Williamson falls, expect Parcells to catch him.

12) San Diego (via NYG)- CB Antrel Rolle, Miami (FL)
San Diego came a long way in a year, and are rewarded with two 1st round picks for their efforts. San Diego will also look at receivers, defensive line, and their secondary. The secondary was one of the worst in pass defense league wide despite the improved record, so adding a versatile, do-everything corner like Rolle would be a big addition. Rolle will be the last man sitting in the green room, falling a lot further than he should. And don't forget the Philip Rivers name may also be a bargaining piece on draft day.

13) Houston- LB/DE DeMarcus Ware, Troy
This is where the climb stops for this drafts biggest riser. The Texans hope to unleash Ware's speed off the edge in their 3-4 scheme. The Texans acquisition of CB Phil Buchannon they hope gives them the young athletic corner they sought to line up opposite of Dunta Robinson. Offensively, David Carr again was a piñata last season, and the running game really had trouble getting kick started some weeks so help along the line and wide receiver are needed.

14) Carolina- OT Alex Barron, FSU
The Panthers are a very well rounded football team, especially once they get everyone off the injured list next season. Carolina needs help along the offensive line, at tight end, a big wide receiver to replace Muhammad, and at safety. Signing Mike Wahle was a big move for Carolina, but getting Barron could allow them to use Wahle at his normal guard spot which would be a better fit for both parties involved.

15)Kansas City- CB Adam Jones, West Virginia
The Chiefs have made nice additions so far this offseason picking up Carlos Hall, Kendrell Bell and Sammy Knight with his ex-Dolphins teammate Patrick Surtain perhaps on his way as well before the draft. Surtain is not in the fold yet, and even if he was the team might look corner with the pick as long as one of the top 3 are on the board. KC would also entertain moving down for extra picks and selecting a defensive lineman at a more reasonable pick for their value. Moving up for a Derrick Johnson or Shawne Merriman may also be an option, however unlikely. Pac-Man may be munching on receiver for the Chiefs.

16) New Orleans- S/LB Thomas Davis, Georgia
Guessing what the Saints will do is anyone's guess. They have an obvious need to upgrade their linebackers, but unless they move up or down they are in a bad spot in the selection order. They could opt for a RT like Jamaal Brown, or another corner (again in a bad spot). Davis is a very interesting player. I think he is one of the top 10 talents in this draft, but many teams grade him out as no better than a 2nd round pick because of his lack of coverage skills. He could be a good fit for the Saints because they could use him at safety, and if that doesn't work, they could just as easily play him at weakside linebacker.

17) Cincinnati- DT Travis Johnson, FSU
Marvin Lewis made it public that the Bengals must get better on the defensive side of the ball, but then also said recently the team needed to score more touchdowns. While I somehow doubt a player who has clearly separated himself at his position like Johnson has at DT would fall this far, stranger things have happened, especially with this draft being so top heavy with skill position players. Definitely look for the Bengals to draft defense with only Oklahoma WR Mark Clayton being a sleeper choice.

18) Minnesota (For Miami)- WR Mark Clayton, Oklahoma
The Dolphins could be sitting pretty if they play their cards right. With this pick Miami would have a few choices. They could draft a LT (Barnes), a WR (Clayton), or a DL (Spears, Pollack, or James). I guess the sentimental choice would be Spears, one of Saban's own Tigers, but Clayton would give the Fins offense another playmaker, something they desperately needed last year.

19) St. Louis- OT Jamaal Brown, Oklahoma
The Rams defense was exposed for how awful they could be on occasion in their playoff loss at Atlanta. St. Louis received good news about Leonard Little, but will still look at adding an end at some point in the draft. St. Louis may also look for help in the secondary, and along their offensive line, especially at right tackle which Jamaal Brown, although not the top tackle on most teams boards, I've been told he's the guy most teams think could slide in and start right away, which he would for the Rams.

20) Dallas (via Buffalo)- DE Marcus Spears, LSU
Assuming the Cowboys address their situation at receiver with their first pick, the team might look at help for either of their fronts with this pick. Barnes would be the pick if they felt a bigger need along the o-line. If Thomas Davis were to slide here, like the Saints, he could fill either hole at WLB or SS for Dallas. Pollack would be a popular choice for sure, but Dallas wants to get bigger and more physical, which means if they don't trade down, Spears would be a great combo defensive lineman.

21) Jacksonville- CB Marlin Jackson, Michigan
The Jaguars are a nice work in progress. The team will be counting on WR Reggie Williams to really step up and become a threat opposite of Jimmy Smith, but also a reason for the offenses struggles was Byron Leftwich getting hit far too often so help on along the offensive line is needed too. The Jags also desperately need help at defensive end where they were depleted last year, but the acquisition of Reggie Hayward may have minimized its importance. Depth at corner, and selecting one of this drafts most underrated players, trumps all.

22) Baltimore- DE/LB David Pollack, Georgia
The Ravens, much like the Jags, struggled on offense at times, but the addition of Derrick Mason is a huge upgrade will make them more patient with young guys like Devard Darling and Clarence Moore. The offensive line could use a little tweaking on the inside, and DT could be another area for the Ravens to look at. But when it all comes down to it, the Ozzie Newsome and the Ravens always seem to go with hard-working, high-character guys. Pollack is just that; and a great player too.

23) Seattle- CB Fabian Washington, Nebraska
The Seahawks have answered a lot of questions this offseason on what their future looks like on offense. But I do know the defense; especially the LB's were riddled with injuries last year so that's one thing Seattle will look hard at. The loss of Ken Lucas at corner hurts and could force the Hawks hand because I am not sure Kelly Herndon makes me feel better in a division with the Rams and Cardinals receivers.

24) Green Bay- DE Dan Cody, Oklahoma
Darren Sharper's release makes acquiring a safety important, but the Pack also could use help at linebacker and along the offensive line where they could use an injection of youth. Green Bay also could use a rush end, and despite worries about depression, Cody may be too good a player to pass up on.

25) Washington (via Denver)- TE Heath Miller, Virginia
Denver had been rumored to want to trade down in the draft, and that is exactly what happened. The Redskins now are front and center in a lot of rumors of them packaging picks to move up, or using this pick to trade for a Charles Woodson, or drafting QB Jason Campbell. If Washington drafts a receiver with the #9 choice, then a corner here is possible. If they go corner at #9, then a defensive end, or my sleeper pick (which I believe is even more apparent after the Jet's trading for TE Doug Jolley), Heath Miller giving Joe Gibbs a treat down the middle of the field.

26) Oakland (via NYJ)- LB Channing Crowder, Florida
Clearly the Jets were interested in making sure they had a legit starting tight end. Oakland now puts itself back into the first round, and adds more picks with its trade with Houston. The Raiders top needs are at LB and CB. They will have their pick of the litter at backer with this pick, but I got a feeling a guy who has slipped in many eye because of character concerns may find a home in the silver and black. 27) Atlanta- DL Shaun Cody, USC
The Falcons defense was light years better last season than the year before, which some credit must go the offense and the rushing attack just allowing the defense time to breathe and putting them ahead on the scoreboard instead of always behind. Ed Jasper retiring leaves a hole at DT, which could be the way Atlanta leans with their 1st round pick. A threat on the outside is needed, but another year for Michael Jenkins to develop could be the answer to that question.

28) San Diego- DE Erasmus James, Wisconsin
The Chargers with their second pick of the first round may look to add some pass rush if they are able to get a receiver or defensive back with their first pick. Either way, the Chargers are like to end up with 2/3 positions covered by the time round one ends. James is for my money the best end in this draft, but injury and character concerns have caused his stock to fall.

29) Indianapolis- LB Odell Thurman, Georgia
The Colts, much like the Chiefs, will be looking defense to help out their explosive offense. The Colts need help on the interior of their defensive line and at outside linebacker where they've lost great players Mike Peterson and Marcus Washington is each of the last two seasons. Rob Morris is also a free agent, so the Colts opt with the best available player who can help them right away.

30) Pittsburgh- CB Cory Webster, LSU
The Steelers really are just drafting for depth after glancing over their roster. Pittsburgh is pretty strong across the board, but they could use a big receiver, even though the Cedric Wilson signing is underrated, that still leaves Big Ben throwing to a bunch of smurfs. The Steelers will also look at corners, tight end, and offensive tackle. I am still not sold on the Steelers secondary, and another name that has been regaining momentum of late emerges.

31) Philadelphia- OT Khalif Barnes, Washington
The Eagles continue to search for a pass rush from the DE spot. More depth at LB and along the offensive line will also be looked at. Barnes was the best linemen at the Senior Bowl would be a nice pickup for the Eagles if he is still on the board.

32) New England- CB Justin Miller, Clemson
What do you get the team that has everything? There is no obvious choice for the Patriots here. New England could use help in the secondary and at wide receiver. The linebackers aren't getting any younger either, and with Ted Bruschi's status in limbo that may influence this pick. If either Crowder or Thurman is on the board, they could be the pick. By signing David Terrell, resigning David Givens, and getting P.K. Sam back from injury, I wouldn't bet on a receiver. A corner that could help in the return game, ala Troy Brown could be the answer…and I have just the guy.


33)San Francisco- DE Justin Tuck, Notre Dame
34) Cleveland- QB Jason Campbell, Auburn
35) Philadelphia (from Miami)- DE Matt Roth, Iowa
36) Tampa Bay- OG Elton Brown, Virginia
37) Tennessee- WR Roddy White, UAB
38) Oakland- LB Kevin Burnett, Tennessee
39) Chicago- LB Daryl Blackstock, Virginia
40) New Orleans (via Wash)- OT Chris Colmer, NC State
41) Detroit- WR/HB/QB Matt   Jones, Arkansas
42) Dallas- S Brodney Pool, Oklahoma
43) NY Giants- WR Reggie Brown, Georgia
44) Arizona- DT Luis Castillo, Northwestern
45) Carolina- DT Mike Patterson, USC
46) Kansas City- LB Matt McCoy, San Diego St.
47) NY Jets (from Hou thru Oak)- CB Eric Green, Virginia Tech
48) Cincinnati- C Chris Spencer, Mississippi
49) Minnesota (for Miami)- DT Jonathan Babineaux, Iowa
50) St. Louis- DB Brandon Browner, Oregon St.
51) Green Bay (via NO)- S Josh Bullocks, Nebraska
52) Jacksonville- OT Adam Terry, Syracuse
53) Baltimore- OG/C David Baas, Michigan
54) Seattle- RB Ciatrick Fason, Florida
55) Buffalo- RB J.J Arrington, Cal
56) Denver- WR Mark Bradley, Oklahoma
57) NY Jets- DE Chris Canty, Virginia
58) Green Bay- QB Charlie Frye, Akron
59) Atlanta- S Ernest Shazor, Michigan
60) Indianapolis- DT Anttaj Hawthorne, Wisconsin
61) San Diego- RB Marion Barber III, Minnesota
62) Pittsburgh- TE Alex Smith, Stanford
63) Philadelphia- WR Terrence Murphy, Texas A&M
64) New England- LB Barrett Ruud, Nebraska


65) San Francisco- K Mike Nugent, Ohio St.
66) St. Louis (via Miami)- DE Jovan Haye, Vanderbilt
67) Cleveland- WR Roscoe Parrish, Miami (FL)
68) Tennessee- CB Bryant McFadden, FSU
69) Oakland- RB Darren Sproles, Kansas St.
70) Miami (via Chicago)- S Oshiomogho Atogwe, Stanford
71) Tampa Bay- CB Darrent Williams, Oklahoma St.
72) Detroit- OG Marcus Johnson, Mississippi
73) Houston (via Dallas)- LB Kirk Morrison, San Diego St.
74) NY Giants- DT C.J. Moseley, Missouri
75) Arizona- OL Logan Mankins, Fresno St.
76) Denver (via Wash)- LB Al Fincher, UConn
77) Philadelphia (via KC)- RB Eric Shelton, Louisville
78) Oakland (via Hou)- CB Ronald Bartell Jr., Howard
79) Carolina- TE Kevin Everett, Miami (FL)
80) Minnesota- C Jason Brown, North Carolina
81) St. Louis- DT Anthony Bryant, Alabama
82) New Orleans- QB Kyle Orton, Purdue
83) Cincinnati- S Gerald Sensabaugh, North Carolina
84) Baltimore- OT Wesley Britt, Alabama
85) Seattle- LB Michael Boley, Southern Miss
86) Buffalo- LB Jordan Beck, Cal-Poly
87) Jacksonville- DT Lorenzo Alexander, Cal
88) NY Jets- WR Jerome Mathis, Hampton
89) Green Bay- OG Evan Mathis, Alabama
90) Atlanta- OT Michael Munoz, Tennessee
91) Tampa Bay- DT Atiyyah Ellison, Missouri
92) Indianapolis- CB Stanley Wilson, Stanford
93) Pittsburgh- OG Chris Kemoeatu, Utah
94) Philadelphia- DT Ronnie Fields, Mississippi St.
95) Arizona (via New England)- LB Rian Wallace, Temple
96) Tennessee (comp)- WR Fred Gibson, Georgia
97) Denver (comp)- OT Michael Roos, Eastern Washington
98) Seattle (comp)- WR Chris Henry, West Virginia
99) Kansas City (comp)- WR Vincent Jackson, Northern Colorado
100) New England (comp)- OT Ray Willis, FSU
101) Denver (comp)- CB Antonio Perkins, Oklahoma Top Stories