Boomer Grigsby Adds Character to Chiefs Roster

With the first pick in round five, the Kansas City Chiefs added linebacker Boomer Grigsby from Illinois State. After looking at his career statistics the last four years, there is little doubt that he can contribute to this team in 2005.

I'll say this about James ‘Boomer' Grigsby. If he does not make the roster this year, the fans of the Kansas City Chiefs will be missing out on a true character. The small town boy from Canton, Illinois was very excited about being drafted by the Chiefs.

"I was very excited. I got teased at the end of the second round yesterday and was waiting on the third and the phone call never came and slipped me over. It kind of took the breath right out of me," said Boomer.

With the departure of linebacker Monty Beisel, the Kansas City Chiefs wanted to infuse some younger players into the mix in 2005. Boomer can make plays on the field. In four years for the Redbirds, he had 580 tackles (325 solo) and 13 career sacks. He's also a special teams deamon and the Chiefs liken him to Beisel in that regard. I can tell you this if he fails as a NFL payer; he has a role as a standup comic.

When reporters asked him if he had any fear about playing at the next level, he was quick to resond. "I know I'll be a 250-pound crazy white boy running down the field on kickoffs."

That brought a howl to the media's conference call with the Red Bird standout. But he set the stage and made it clear that he plans on making an impcat on the field. The Chiefs are in desperate need of finding a true wedge buster on special teams coverages and Boomer fits the bill perfectly.

He was not heavily recruited by major college programs but that made little difference to NFL scouts who generally felt he could play at this level if they could garner that enthusiasm. Still he managed to finish third in the Buck Buchanon award in 2004 after being runner-up in that award in 2003. That went to current Chief Jared Allen.

Still playing for a small time college you have to wonder how confident he can be playing in the NFL especially for the Chiefs. But he uses Allen as a role model and wants to mimic his success as the teams most productive draft pick last season.

"Jared Allen is an incredible player, obviously and what a success story. Everyone was asking me, when this whole Buck Buchanan thing went down, why do you think he won? That was the second year (I was a finalist). My response to all these people was, ‘You've got to be kidding me! This kid had 20 sacks and 32 tackles for loss. He's going to be a big player in the NFL.' Then before you know it, he started with the Chiefs the following year. If there's any person I should role model my play off of when I get there is him. I think we are going to get along real well," said Boomer.

With Allen as a role model, its hard to see Boomer Grigsby failing in the NFL. In fact, with his attitude it would not surprise me if he played in this show for 10 years. Top Stories