Knight Brings Physical Presence to Secondary

As anyone who follows the Chiefs knows, their defense has lacked a physical presence in recent years. Whether it is Clinton Portis shredding the run defense or Colt receivers running freely through the secondary, no one on the Chiefs' defense has struck fear into the hearts of opposing players. That is all about to change.

Enter Sammy Knight, a 6-0, 215 pound wrecking ball at strong safety. Knight is just what the doctor, or in this case Gunther Cunningham, ordered. The one thing the Chiefs desperately need on the defensive side of the ball is someone to create havoc and make plays. If Knight's past is any indicator, Kansas City has brought in the right man for the job.

Sammy Knight is a hard-hitting safety who plays his best near the line of scrimmage. Knight will be a huge asset coming up and supporting the run and he will also make opposing receivers think twice before they go across the middle against the Chiefs' defense. Think back to the playoff loss to the Colts two years ago. Colt receivers ran through the Chiefs' secondary untouched all day long. The Chiefs brought in Knight to be the physical presence in the secondary and to make sure receivers don't have days that easy against Kansas City anymore. Knight is the kind of player that can put a hit on someone in the first quarter and it can carry over for the entire game.

The one knock against Knight is he isn't great in coverage. While it is true that Knight isn't the best cover man in the NFL, he does make a lot of plays for a strong safety. In his eight year career, Knight has forced nine fumbles and intercepted 35 passes. The 35 interceptions is a high number for a strong safety who is better known for knocking guys out rather than his coverage skills. The Chiefs need playmakers on defense and whether it's knocking the ball from a receiver, forcing a fumble or grabbing an interception, Knight has a knack of always being around the ball.

Knight is coming off a solid season with the Miami Dolphins where he had 96 total tackles, two forced fumbles and four interceptions. Again, while he isn't known for his coverage skills, four interceptions is a solid number for a strong safety who spends the majority of his time close to the line of scrimmage.

Knight fits in well with the other members of the Chiefs' secondary. Corners Patrick Surtain, Eric Warfield, Dexter McCleon and FS Greg Wesley are good in coverage which will allow Knight to roam freely and make plays. The more freelancing Knight can do the better. He has great instincts on the football field and the more freedom Knight has the more big plays he can make for a defense that is starving for someone to step up and make big plays, especially when the game is on the line.

When an offensive player faces the Dallas Cowboys, they need to know where Roy Williams is at all times. When an offensive player faces the New England Patriots, they need to know where Rodney Harrison is at all times. Recently, when an offensive player has faced the Chiefs, the only thing on their mind was how big of a day they were going to have. Well in 2005, those offensive players better keep their heads up and buckle that chin strap. There is a new sheriff in town and his name is Sammy Knight. Opposing receivers beware. Top Stories