Talks with Ty Law Reaching New Level

In what has become the worst kept secret in the NFL, the Kansas City Chiefs continue to pursue free agent cornerback Ty Law. Warpaint Illustrated has learned that those talks have become very serious over the last 48 hours.

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It appears from all accounts that Kansas City is putting on the full court press and the team hopes to work out a contract for the veteran cornerback over the next couple of weeks provided Law can pass a team physical.

Though money is at the heart of the talks, Law must show the Chiefs that he's healthy enough to practice and eventually play at a level that will warrant a significant pay check. We've learned that the Chiefs will bring him in for a workout in short order once he's received clearance from his doctors that he can go through a rigorous workout and prove to team officials that his surgically repaired foot can withstand the physical requirements to be ready to start the season on September 11th against the New York Jets. Further the Chiefs have received solid confirmation from his representatives that he has a strong desire to play for the Chiefs and that he is comfortable playing the style of defense that Gunther Cunningham plans on running in 2005.

The Chiefs are in this position because of the four game suspension to cornerback Eric Warfield. Law if he's healthy would start opposite Patrick Surtain, who was obtained in a pre-drafty day trade with the Miami Dolphins last April.

Two weeks ago Kansas City signed Ashley Ambrose but he was brought in to battle Dexter McCleon for the nickel job. But we've learned that that battle could be for a roster spot. The Chiefs have made no secrets about how upset they were that McCleon did not participate in any of the teams OTA's or Mini-Camps when their doctors concluded that he was ready to practice.

As we've shared in past articles, McCleon used a doctor to perform off-season shoulder surgery who was not affiliated with the Kansas City Chiefs. They would have preferred that McCleon use one of their surgeons but that did not happen and his doctors would not give him clearance to workout with the team in May and June. Before the Warfield suspension and the pursuit of Ty Law began to heat up, it was already a precarious situation for McCleon to make the final roster but now things are more complicated. Still McCleon has a lot to prove to this organization and especially to Cunningham. McCleon does not fit the mold of cornerbacks that he generally prefers and nobody struggled more last season at the position than McCleon.

As far as the Law Talks, they kick started again on Sunday when word began leaking that Warfield was going to be suspended four games by the NFL. In fact, the Chiefs are still not happy with the way in which Warfield's agent disclosed the suspension. We've heard rumblings that his status with the team could be in jeopardy even before he serves his league mandated suspension.

Warfield has not endeared himself to the Chiefs who would have preferred to make a joint announcement. Kansas City would have preferred that Warfield didn't say anything until the NFL informed the Chiefs but instead his agent sent out a press release without contacting the organization.

In fact, ESPN reporter Chris Mortensen confirmed what we said on Tuesday that Warfield could be cut from the Chiefs for the way in which this situation was handled. However, that's a remote possibility if the team does not sign Ty Law.

It's very clear that Kansas City does not want to start the season with Dexter McCleon as a starter and would prefer to sign Law to play opposite Surtain. But those plans could change and that means Ambrose will get a shot to start if the Law talks breakdown. Remember the Chiefs have a pair of good young cornerbacks in Alphonso Hodge and Justin Perkins and each in time could become starters. This season the Chiefs hope that one of them can play solid nickel in the event the team cuts either Warfield or McCleon or both if Law becomes a Chief in the very near future. If that does not happen, meaning the team sign Law, then both of this young players might be counted on to make contributions to the defense this season.

Law is considering a plethora of teams that include the Jacksonville Jaguars, New York Jets, Indianapolis Colts, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Miami Dolphins and of course the Kansas City Chiefs. It was reported by John Clayton of ESPN that Law has a $6 million contract offer from an AFC East team we first thought it might be his former team the New England Patriots but we've learned that's not the case. Our source within the Patriots told us that they have too much "dead money" this season and signing Law to that figure would completely impair the teams ability to sign their rookies. Even further when we asked this source about Ty Law, they quipped, "Is he (Law) a Chiefs yet?" In fact the team that Clayton was referencing was in fact not the Patriots but the New York Jets who appear to be jumping in the talks now that Kansas City is pushing to get a deal done.

With the news today that 10-year veteran cornerback Donnie Abraham will retire, the Jets quickly made a trade with the Dallas Cowboys for cornerback Peter Hunter. He's not Ty Law but its another body to throw into the mix for the Jets who need secondary help.

Again a lot of this is posturing by the Poston Brothers as they attempt to get Law the best deal possible this late in the game. Law has made contract demands ranging from a one year $6 million offer to a five year $42 million offer. There is no way the Chiefs or anyone else is going to pay that kind of money to Law even if he was 100% healthy. The fact remains that he isn't and teams must adjust their contract offers based on his ability to be ready to start the season. That fact alone will keep the Chiefs and Jets in the mix until Law can show everyone that he's back to his All-Pro self.

We've learned that Ty Law is expected to workout with the Chiefs sometime over the next couple of weeks. That workout could take place in Kansas City prior to the teams' departure for training camp or it could be conducted in River Falls shortly after the team arrives at the end of this month. However, that could change if a team like the New York Jets can position themselves ahead of the Chiefs and bring him in sooner for a physical.

However as of this afternoon responding to reports that a deal is close, Ty Law spoke with Sports Radio 810 in Kansas City and said that talks are not close. He expects to be signed in the next three to four days by someone and he claimed that he would indeed be ready for the season opener.

It's curious as to why Law would go on a local station and say that KC is down the list and that they have no money when in fact they've offered him a better base salary than any other bidder to date. In fact Law spoke with radio stations in New York, Miami and Indianapolis as well as Kansas City today.

With that said, it looks as if Ty Law and his agents are still looking for the green pastures of gold that could lead them to another team that does not have a serious chance for a Super Bowl run.

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