Chiefs Don't Need Ty Law

Right now, the hottest subject in Kansas City is the Chiefs' ongoing dance with Ty Law. Since the beginning of the off-season the Chiefs have been flirting with the Law and his agents, attempting to add the 10 year veteran to a then woeful defensive team.

Even after the Chiefs scored a coup by signing cornerback Patrick Surtain, the front office was still showing an interest in the former Patriots cornerback. Even now, with his antics involving the media, it appears that Law's signing is imminent or is it.

It appears that the sticking point at this time is money. The Chiefs are interested in signing at Law at a price below what he would get if he'd hit the open market without health questions. The Chiefs also would like assurances that Law will be healthy at the start of the season, and would like a physical prior to Law signing a contract. Law maintains that he will be ready, and wants to be paid close to what he would collect had there been no health issues.

The Kansas City faithful and it appears even Law himself believe that the Chiefs need Ty Law. With Eric Warfield's upcoming four game suspension, there are those that believe that Law is absolutely essential to surviving the initial part of the season where the Chiefs will face the Jets, Raiders, Broncos, and the Eagles. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The reality is that the Chiefs will be fine, with or without Law. Law is a great corner, no doubt about it, and if he is healthy, he will continue to dominate just like he has in the past. He's a luxury, though, not a necessity. Yes, outside of Warfield, the corners didn't play well last year, and sure, he would be make a nice addition to any roster, but when you look at it he's not absolutely needed and could potentially be a disaster.

If Law is signed, and he doesn't make it through the first four games, it would prove to be a mistake by the Chiefs front office. Of course in the NFL, you never know, but a team would at least want a player to start the season at 100%. Now, it's understood that signing Law would be a long term deal, but still, the only reason he's even being discussed right now is because of Warfield's suspension.

When you look at the first four games of the season, and really consider it, the teams the Chiefs will face aren't that scary, other than the Oakland Raiders, who have the AFC West's best receivers Randy Moss and Jerry Porter, scare just about everyone. But what other dynamic receiving corps are the Chiefs supposed to face?

Laveranues Coles of the Jets is solid, and everyone knows about Terrell Owens of the Eagles. Don't think for a minute that with the safety support the Chiefs secondary has now plus the addition of Patrick Surtain; you're telling me that the Chiefs can't hold down the fort the first quarter of the season. Defensive coordinator Gunther Cunningham can devise scheme to keep these teams in check.

Yes, the first four games feature three playoff teams from last season, and the fourth, the Raiders, significantly improved the offense last season. The truth is the Jets, despite having a solid defense, will struggle to keep up with the Chiefs' scoring machine. The Jets added solid wide receiver in Laveranues Coles to a receiving corps including the indomitable Wayne Chrebet. That aside, the main concern when facing the Jets is last year's NFL rushing champion Curtis Martin. Stopping him will limit the Jets ability to run their play action, which fuels their passing game.

The Broncos are in absolute disarray. Rod Smith is aging, and the team is still waiting on Ashley Lelie to live up to his potential. With the addition of Kendrell Bell and Derrick Johnson, and the improvement of Keyaron Fox, the Chiefs' have more than enough tools and speed available to stop quarterback Jake Plummer's bootleg.

Last year's NFC champion, the Eagles will also struggle to keep up with the Chiefs offense. Stopping the Eagles West Coast offense will be a task for the entire defense, not just one corner. The Eagles like to run and spread the ball around. The offense is also predicated on timing, so disrupting that timing of the offense becomes a key focus for the defensive line and linebackers.

People that are saying the Chiefs need Ty Law are sorely mistaken. Everyone knows that success in the first four games is vital to making a playoff push. The Chiefs and the fans realize that this is the best shot that Kansas City has had in years of reaching a Super Bowl. Naturally, tensions are high, considering this may be the one shot the Chiefs will have for some time.

However, common sense and good judgment must rule the day. The Chiefs can get through the first four games at 3-1 or even 2-2, and go into the bye week with a great chance of making a strong playoff run. Kansas City doesn't need to do anything that will disrupt team chemistry or put them in salary cap hell. If Ty Law can be had at a reasonable price and he's fine to start the season, pull the trigger. If the Chiefs' front office doesn't feel good in any way about the deal then they should walk away.

Trust me, it will be fine. Top Stories