Last Word on Ty Law

It's been a long week for Chiefs fans. This week training camp starts and I expect more rumors to be spread about the man known as Ty Law. After learning the New York Jets appear to be a long shot now to sign the man whose legend has grown in recent weeks; where does that leave the $6 million man?

After being called out on the Chiefs official website, I thought I'd clear the air and I will do so by saying to those who remain loyal to the site and those who enjoyed us getting blasted; that this will be the last Ty Law column I ever write unless or until he signs a contract with Kansas City.

When I read that ESPN's Len P. wrote a column about Law's personal trainer indicating that he's closer to getting back on the football field; I realized how desperate Ty Law has become to find a team that will pay him first rate money for his prime time abilities; despite the fact he's nowhere close to being in game shape or convincing any NFL team that he will indeed be ready to start the season.

Well since the New York Jets, the other team in the hunt for Law, indicated that aren't inclined to pay his ransom, Law settles in for another week unsure where he'll land and without a team willing to pay him the royalty he deserves for being on three Super Bowl winning teams. Now the prospect of playing for a contender could also be in jeopardy.

There is little doubt that Ty Law is one of the best shut down corners in the NFL. Hands down he can flat out play and in a normal year as a free agent; he'd be the first choice of any NFL team. But his foot injury has teams concerned and the last thing they need to do is make a mistake with their salary cap as training camp begins.

After making the rounds visiting numerous teams with a boot securely fastened to his surgically repaired foot in March including visits in Kansas City and Pittsburgh; neither team was convinced he'd be ready to start the season on anyone's roster.

Last month he visited the Jacksonville Jaguars and he ran and cut but the team didn't offer him a contract. The workout caused even more concern around NFL circles about his availability to start the season. Still Law hit the media circuit this time with Peter King of SI who interviewed Law and told him that he would be ready to start the season. Well that view seems to be coming from Law and it's not shared by any of the prospective teams supposedly in the chase; at least not until they can get another look at him with their own doctors and trainers. That however is not something Law is willing to do at this time. Those orders are either coming from his own Doctors or his Agents.

When word started to surface from our website and others around the NFL last week of the Chiefs interest was reaching another level; the list of suitors was expanding and shrinking like a yo-yo depending on who was pulling the strings.

For the Chiefs there has been nothing to indicate that the team does not have Ty Law on their radar screen. Despite the article on in regards to our report and one on a local radio station; it's clear that the team would like to sign Law but it has to be under the right circumstances and Law must be healthy to extract any dollars from the Chiefs.

Regardless of whose saying what in regards to Ty Law; the rumor mills are running rampant. We can verify that the two sides are still talking; we can verify that despite Law's comments which were all orchestrated by his agent Carl Poston, from all accounts the Chiefs have shown the most interest in trying to sign Law.

Despite the Chiefs interest, Law has gone on radio shows both locally and coast to coast criticizing the Chiefs for their lack of an offer but then praises them in the next sentence. His goal is to stir the pot and hope that one of the suitors backs up the Brinks truck somewhere near his Florida home. Well that won't happen in Kansas City, New York, Jacksonville or New England.

The problem with Ty Law is that he's trying to create demand for his services through the press. His people leak information, call upon friends in the media to tell his side of the story. The propaganda machine is in full gear in the Law camp but still he sits without a team and without a decent offer in hand.

It appears after the article on ESPN they are desperate and the only place keeping the Ty Law machine rolling has been this website and the radio station 610 sports in Kansas City. Well sorry Mr. Law but its time for us to move on. The Chiefs start camp next week and our focus will be on the players who have signed to play for the Chiefs this season and who want to be part of what everyone in this great city believes could be a Championship team in Kansas City.

We care far more about first round draft pick Derrick Johnson and hope he signs on time so he can take his rightful place as the teams starting outside linebacker. We care more about watching some of the young receivers develop and want to see if linebacker Kawika Mitchell can be the man in the middle of the defense or Boomer Grigsby's legend will grow and he'll start in the middle come opening day against the Jets.

We all can't wait to hear sound bites from defensive coordinator Gunther Cunningham and listen to his colorful and passionate banter in training camp as he molds his new players with the hope he can rebuild this teams once proud defense into one that more resembles the teams he coached in the 90's than the one that let him down a year ago.

We want to see running back Larry Johnson and Priest Holmes in the backfield at the same time. We want to see which cornerback steps up to replace Eric Warfield since that doesn't appear to be you. Finally we want to watch Dick Vermeil make all the right moves and end his career with Super Bowl victory.

But before I lay down my fingers on this article, I'd like to pass along one final message to Mr. Law. I think you're flat out crazy if you don't change your attitude and settle on a team that's willing to pay you modest money; not in terms of NFL standards, but money that is far and above more than most Americans make in a lifetime. Instead you should settle in on a one-year deal and prove to the other 31 teams in the NFL that you can come back from a surgery that some felt might end your career. Then a year from now, you can cash in if your skill level returns to a pro-bowl form in the city that rents you for one season.

Thus you must swallow your pride and make a decision soon because the closer you get to the start of training camps and the first exhibition games; the less likely you'll get $1 over the NFL minimum this season. It's time to quit sparring with the press and its time for the Postons to quit their maneuvering in and out of the press. It's time to settle down pick a team and play some football.

But if money is your driving passion however, you might be better suited to skip the entire 2005 season and wait until 2006 when the Salary Cap could exceed $90 million or more. Then maybe a non-contender will sign you to a long term contract that will grant you the riches you think you deserve and you'll never drink from that Super Bowl cup ever again.

After all, that's the goal of every NFL player who has put on the pads in this great game and that's to be on a Championship team. You've been on three of them in your great career and Kansas City has been waiting over 35 years to return to the pinnacle of the sport and that might happen this year. If you come to your senses and dance with the team that has given you the most love since March; then maybe you could share in that celebration.

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