Day 2: Training Camp Quick Hitters (AM Practice)

There were no changes in the first team offense or defense. On the second team defense, LB Scott Fujita stepped in for reps. Second team corners were Ashley Ambrose and DeWayne Washington.

We had the first fight of camp. DE Jared Allen and OL Will Svitek got into a scuffle during positional drills. They were quickly separated and none are worse for the wear but each got a couple of solid hits. After practice Allen commented that its just part of the game.

Overall, the defense did pretty well. There was a series of about three plays in a row, where the defense just caved in the offense. CB Pat Surtain had an interception off QB Trent Green. S William Bartee had an interception as well.

LB Keyaron Fox was the best linebacker today. He was all over the field. It's amazing how much better he looks as opposed to last year. There was one play with a short pass to WR Dante Hall, and although Hall caught the ball, it was for just about no gain. Had it been a live situation Fox would have de-cleated Hall.

LB Kawika Mitchell made a couple of really nice plays, in 7 on 7 and 11 on 11 drills, including one play where he was in the backfield almost as soon as the ball was handed off. He definitely was moving very well from sideline to sideline.

LB Scott Fujita looked pretty good his first day back. It looks like he's almost fully recovered from his offseason surgery.

DT John Browning generated a nice push up the middle several times today. There was an end around with Dante Hall that Browning diagnosed immediately, and caught Hall four yards in the backfield.

LB Kendrell Bell forced a Jason Dunn fumble. That's a tough fumble to force. Dunn is a big guy.

CB Benny Sapp showed some skill today, with nice coverage on Dante Hall, and he even batted one down.

WR Marc Boerigter looked good in his return to the field. He had one nice catch in 11 on 11 drills.

TE Kris Wilson is still up and down. He made a couple of pretty good catches, but he also dropped a couple, something he didn't do a lot of last year.

WR Freddie Mitchell continues to impress. He is strong, and a smooth route runner. He made one great catch as he's vying for a starting spot.

Each of the starting corners got burned once. Surtain was burned by WR Eddie Kennison and CB Dexter McCleon was burned by WR Sammie Parker.

OG John Welbourn held up well this morning.

RB Jonathan Smith ran well, with a nice gain on a screen pass.

Held out of practice this morninge were Priest Holmes, Will Shields, Willie Roaf, Tony Gonzalez and Mike Maslowski. Top Stories