Day 5: Training Camp Quick Hitters (AM Practice)

It's starting to feel a little like the movie Ground Hog Day here in River Falls. Still, practices continue to increase in intensity, and competition is getting fierce.

Wide Receiver Chris Horn continued his strong showing today with several nice catches.

Tight End Jason Dunn had a big catch coming across the seam over Kawika Mitchell.

Running back Sam Gado had a very strong morning as he ripped of several long runs against the second team defense.

Backup quarterback Todd Collins spent most of the morning running the first team offense. He had several nice throws today.

Eddie Kennison victimized Patrick Surtain for the second straight day on a corner route pass by Collins.

Larry Johnson also had several strong runs.

Linebacker Kendrell Bell met Jeris McIntyre four yards deep in the backfield to stuff a reverse.

Linebacker Kris Griffin made some nice plays today with the first one coming in 11-on-11 drills. In that first play, Griffin beat two tight ends to his side on a toss left to tackle the running back for a loss. His second big play of the day came during seven-on-seven drills when receiver Chris Horn ran a quick out only to have Griffin fly over and snatch him out of the air and drive him in to the ground.

Kris Wilson is coming back to form as he had a couple of nice catches this morning. His first catch came twenty yards down the left sideline where he elevated above a crowd of defenders to bring down a jump ball with his feet in bounds. His second big catch was a 30 corner route that went for a touchdown.

Defensive Tackle Ryan Sims came off the field late in practice. He looked a little tired and dehydrated, so the Chiefs held him out. Warpaint will continue to monitor his situation for any developments.

During individual pass rushing drills the second team offensive line had no answer for Ryan Sims and Lional Dalton.

Keyaron Fox and Ryan Sims collaborated on big play when they shot through the line of scrimmage to blow up a left sweep by running back Larry Johnson.

Eric Hicks, Ryan Sims, Junior Siavii and Bennie Sapp all recorded sacks in the morning session.

In other Chiefs news…

First round draft pick Derrick Johnson is expected to be in River Falls, Wisconsin this afternoon to meet with team doctors. Once they pronounce him healthy he'll hit the practice field running that won't likely be until Tuesday morning.

Wide receiver Richard Smith has a bruised clavicle and won't be practicing until the pain subsides. Marc Boerigter practice this morning and he's showing no ill effects from his double knee surgery.

Chris Bober moved to first team guard in this morning's practice replacing John Welbourn who worked with the second unit. This move appears to be on that give the Chiefs insurance in the event Pro Bowl Guard Will Shields is unable to practice for the next several weeks.

Linebacker Mike Maslowski remains on the sidelines and its not known when he might get his first taste of action. Top Stories