Day 6: Training Camp Quick Hitters (PM Practice)

The Chiefs circumvented their normal afternoon practice for a night under the lights at Ramer Field. Though the evening practice had a high school football feel, the hitting on the field was at an All Pro level. And the guys on defense delivered plenty of hits as the unit for the first time in River Falls gave us a glimpse of what they might become.

Goal Line Drills: >
The first set of drills that took place this evening were goal line drills. These drills quickly became an aggressive event as the offensive and defensive lines battled one another tooth and nail with neither group willing to give up an inch of ground. The very minute the defense put their back to the goal line you could see their whole persona change. At that moment it appeared to me that this new defense is beginning to find the swagger that is carried by all great Cunningham defenses.

The defense had two big stops in this portion of practice with the first one coming from safety Greg Wesley. Wesley came up to reject Priest Holmes right at the goal line which kicked off a volley of trash talking by the defense. On the second big play linebacker Boomer Grigsby broke through the offense on a toss left to blow up the play for an eight yard loss.

Boomer Grigsby came up big again when he and Rich Scanlon sandwich Larry Johnson near the goal line. Both linebackers hit Johnson with such force that impact was more reminiscent of a car crash than a tackle.

11-on-11 Drills:
Cornerback Dexter McCleon ran stride for stride with Dante Hall down the left sideline to knock down what would have been a 40 yard touchdown reception.

The first team offensive line welcomed Derrick Johnson to the NFL on a Dante Hall end around that resulted in a twelve yard gain.

Receiver Darrell Hill hauled in a 50 yard touchdown pass down the right sideline on a Todd Collins throw. Willie Pile and Alphonso Hodge were the players in coverage.

Linebacker Kris Griffin did a nice job of sniffing out a screen pass to Tony Gonzalez and stopping it for no gain.

Derrick Johnson gave the crowd their first glimpse of big play ability when he shot through the opposite "B Gap" on a run up the middle to tackle Larry Johnson for a two yard loss. Derrick Johnson was nothing but a blur on the play.

7-on-7 Drills:
Patrick Surtain stepped in front of Marc Boerigter on an out pattern to intercept a Trent Green pass. Unfortunately Surtain caught the ball right on the sideline and was unable to keep both feet in bounds on the play.

The first team defense did such an outstanding job covering the receivers in 7-on-7's that many times Trent Green had to check down to his backs and settle for throws underneath. When he did throw underneath Kendrell Bell and Kawika Mitchell were usually right there to make the tackle for a minimal gain.

In Other Chiefs News:
Khari Long, Jimmy Wilkerson, Boomer Grigsby, Ryan Sims, Montique Sharpe, Lional Dalton, Patrick Surtain and Rich Scanlon all had big nights for the defense. Larry Johnson, Priest Holmes, Brian Waters, and Willie Roaf all had a strong practice for the offense.

In his first practice wearing full pads, Linebacker Derrick Johnson ran with the first team defense at left outside linebacker.

Scott Fujita continued to work with the second team at left outside linebacker in the base defense.

Linebacker Kendrell Bell only participated in 11-on-11 drills when the team was in their goal line defense. Bell was replaced by Keyaron Fox in the base defense.

Guard Will Shields was back on the sidelines talking with teammates Willie Roaf and Brian Waters.

Dante Hall finally had some success in cleanly fielding some of Dustin Colquitt's punts. I counted Hall making at least four clean catches in a row with not even so much as a bobble. I was so surprised I had to do a double take to make sure Nick Murphy wasn't doing the punting. It appears that Dante has in fact figured out how to handle the reverse spin knuckle ball punt.

Receiver Freddie Mitchell is expected to arrive back in River Falls some time tomorrow. Mitchell has decided not to undergo the procedure that would drain fluid from his knee and plans on practicing sometime this week.

Tight End Jason Dunn experienced back spasms during this evenings practice and is expected to miss the next two or three days while he recovers. Top Stories