Day 7: Training Camp Quick Hitters (AM Practice)

This mornings practice consisted of a 45 minute walkthrough for the kickoff return team. The rest of the team headed back into the training facility once they finished their normal morning stretch routine.

Since there wasn't anything to report on from the morning practice itself we decided to bring you some of the nuggets from Coach Vermeil's post practice meeting with the media.

Q: Are you going to build your roster with more of an eye towards special teams than you normally do?
A: No, not anymore then we normally do. We had a big meeting on special teams' personnel the other day. I think we are short a couple of real core special teams guys from other positions, not the obvious linebacker positions. Someone will probably end up making this football team because they are even in the position they play but are better in special teams. I feel a little pressure there and a little concern there.

Q: What about you punter and kicker and their improvement?
A: We have the young punter here (Colquitt) and Nick here and the young punter has had some spectacular days here and some inconsistent days here. In the preseason games we will find out how he's going punt under pressure. You know when you give up a third round pick you are optimistic that he can be successful.

Q: Concerning camp and the teams progress so far, do you feel like you are where you want to be? A: You know, this is the fifth year in the offense and to watch them do what they do as efficiently as they do it gives you confidence. To watch the Willie Roafs of the world and those kind of guys work how they work and effective as they work it gives you confidence. To watch Priest Holmes, Larry Johnson, and Tony Gonzalez it gives you confidence. To watch the young tackles where one of them is going to be on the right side, maybe Kevin Sampson, it gives you confidence.

Defensively we a glaringly much further along from where we were last year at the same time. We put Derrick Johnson on the field last night and you don't have to be an NFL football coach to realize the contribution he can make.

Q: Is it safe to say the offense might be a little but behind the defense this year? A: No I don't think so. Normally our offense is ahead of the defense because we do so much the defense never gets to see the same thing two or three days in a row and they are always catching up with the next shift, the next motion, the next action, the next reverse, the next screen and those kind of plays because we don't slow our offense down to accommodate the defense.

Q: Are you having second thoughts about choosing to forgo the usual scrimmage with the Vikings? A: No, we will work fine. We have the four preseason games and that should be enough.

Additional Chiefs Notes:
Jason Dunn is recovering from back spasms and could be ready to practice again as early as Saturday.

Freddie Mitchell is flying back to River Falls today and will be on the practice field by Friday no earlier than Friday.

Priest Holmes will likely be held out of afternoon practice for additional rest. He took a couple of shots yesterday in practice and this early in camp those hits are not usually that intense. Top Stories