Will Vermeil Coach Beyond this Season?

That's the question on everyone's mind that follows the Kansas City Chiefs. After Wednesday's morning practice, Vermeil addressed the question with reporters who quoted a portion of what the coach said. The following is exactly what Vermeil said and what he was asked.

Reporter – "Dick, the fact that this might be your last year, have you addressed this with the team at all?

Vermeil – "No, what might be doesn't matter"

Reporter – "So, have any of the guys asked you about it?"

Vermeil – "No"

Reporter – "So it just hasn't come up at all?"

Vermeil – "No, it's not a topic. It's not anything we talk about because I don't know what I'm going to do, and we are going to play this thing out just like I did two years ago."

Reporter – "It seems like you have come back a little bit on that"

Vermeil - "At the end of the season, I was beat up, down and exhausted," he said. "Now I'm refreshed and rejuvenated and maybe a little more squared away. I'm just not going to be as impulsive as I was in St. Louis that's all."

And that made national news across the nation. But what does it all mean?

Vermeils decision affects the entire coaching staff as most of them is on the last of a two year contract just like him. If the head coach signs another two year contract, the rest of the staff, or most of them would sign two year extensions as well.

Offensive coordinator Al Saunders is a hot commodity in coaching circles, and may have been offered at least two head coaching jobs in as many years, with the Houston Texans and the Nebraska Cornhuskers, before pulling his name out of consideration. Will Saunders stay another two years if Vermeil does? How many more head coaching jobs will he turn down? He is likely to continue to be considered for most coaching vacancies as they arise. But he's intensely loyal to Vermeil and the Chiefs organization so its likely he'll stay with Kansas City if Vermeil decides to return.

Many have speculated that a lot depends on how the Chiefs do this season. I have heard speculation that if the Chiefs make the playoffs Vermeil is likely to stay, but if he wins the Super Bowl he is likely to retire.

Nobody knows for sure, not even Vermeil himself. I can only offer an opinion, and after watching how competitive and how much desire Vermeil is, I believe he will stay as long as he believes he is being productive and the Chiefs improve. I don't think he would retire if the Chiefs won the Super Bowl, he would be too focused on winning two in a row to even consider it. That is my opinion, and like everyone else's opinion on the subject, it's just speculation.

I think the more important thing for the moment is, we are getting to watch history unfold. One of the finest coaches ever is repairing the defense, fine-tuning his masterful offense, and we will all be able to say we remember the year when Vermeil put his best Chiefs team and maybe his best team ever.

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