Day 10: Training Camp Quick Hitters (AM Practice)

With Chiefs family fun night approaching, the practice fields around River Falls are full with a sea of red as Chiefs fans from all over fill the stands. Here are some observations from Saturday mornings practice.

Wide Receiver Craphonso Thorpe is having a good camp. He does tend to get muscled around a bit off the line and on patterns, but once his body matures, he'll be much better at it. That's a scary thought.

Wide Receiver Dante Hall has been the primary target for quarterback Trent Green in the 2-minute hurry-up offense, catching three straight passes in the drill this morning. Hall was seen giving cornerback Benny Sapp some instruction on how to cover a specific pattern after Hall had beaten him on the previous play.

Wide Receiver John Booth made the play of the day for the second practice in a row with a spectacular diving catch for a long gain from a Todd Collins pass. Booth is making a strong argument for making the final roster.

Full Back Robert Holcombe played a few downs at the running back position this morning. After practice, I asked offensive coordinator Al Saunders if this was to enable the Chiefs to keep an additional player at another position, Saunders said "Yes, we brought him in because he has the versatility to play both fullback and running back, and Priest was (held out) of practice this morning and we had an injury to one of our young running backs (Gado) yesterday and another guy was down so we were short in that position today, but that's why he is here. If we are short at that position, he has got to be able to play the running back spot and we have every confidence that he will have the ability to do that."

Saunders addressed running back Sam Gado's injury and if he would be able to return soon, "We hope so, he had a little stinger when he got thrown on the ground and hit the top of his helmet and he had some numbness in his shoulders so we are going to be real cautious with him and give him enough time to come back and be ready to go because he has been one of the most delightful, I wouldn't say surprises because we knew he was a quality player when he came here and he's had an outstanding camp and is really making a push to be on this football team."

Defensive line coach Bob Karmelowicz said that, "Jimmy Wilkerson is one of the Chiefs better players on the defensive line, and he is probably the most technically sound, productive players. Just two years ago", said Karmelowicz, "Wilkerson was getting thrown all over the place" Strength and experience is all that separates Wilkerson from Khari Long, the second day player drafted from Baylor. Top Stories