Sapp Will Take the Extra Steps to Get on the Field

Kansas City Chiefs cornerback Benny Sapp is now a veteran. After making the Chiefs active roster as an un-drafted rookie free agent out of Northern Iowa, he is firmly entrenched in his second training camp with the Chiefs and ready for action.

Last year, Sapp found himself on the field more and more as the season progressed, gaining valuable experience. This season, Sapp is looking to build on last year, working even harder to become a better player.

"This year I want to be a whole lot better than last year, and help this team out better than I did last year", said Sapp. "You're only as got as your last year, so this year I want to get better, and go forwards and not backwards. I want to just go out and make plays for this team, and hopefully, we can get to the big thing."

This off-season, the Chiefs brought in several veteran cornerbacks to shore up the roster, in Dewayne Washington, Ashley Ambrose, and of course, Patrick Surtain. Sapp took the additions as an opportunity to learn. Already, he's picked up valuable lessons from these older, wiser players.

"I've learned how to be a professional," Sapp said. "All of those guys have been around for a while, I just watch them and how they carry themselves. That's what this game is about: handling things on and off the field, and when you come to practice, practice. Come to play. It's just a learning process. Sometimes you go through some things in practice, and you want to come back and make sure you're doing the right things."

Generally regarded as the team's best blitzing corner, Sapp has the tools to be successful in defensive coordinator Gunther Cunningham's attacking scheme. He also can have an impact on special teams, bringing his aggressive play to the punt and kickoff coverage teams.

"I like being the gunner. I like being the corner on punt returns. You're out there by yourself and you get to knock somebody out."

In fact Sapp is never shy about telling receivers how good he is to his offensive buddies. Ever the talker, Sapp makes sure he talks to every receiver he faces. Last year, in training camp, he even called out the vaunted Randy Moss. In practice, before every rep, and in every game, Sapp talks to his opposition.

"I use it to prepare myself for a game," Sapp said. "And to try to prepare my teammates, because they are going to face some guys that are going to try to bring them under the weather, and just try to keep them on their toes. Plus it brings out the competition, and that's what's going to help them out a lot."

After last season's team defensive performance, Sapp is pleased with this year defense, and confident they will do well.

"This defense is moving faster than I've ever seen. Even on a bad day the defense is moving pretty well. Everyone's flowing to the ball. I think we're going to have a pretty good season. It's going to be a lot more fun. We're ready for it." Sapp said. Top Stories