Day 12: Training Camp Quick Hitters (PM Practice)

Tight End Tony Gonzalez was moving around pretty well today. He didn't practice, but was running short patterns with fellow TE Jason Dunn as two staff assistants were throwing passes to them. I asked Gonzalez if his foot felt better after practice and he gave the "thumbs up" signal as he hurried off to a meeting.

Kris Griffin continued the play well at outside linebacker today. Griffin lined up on the field with middle linebacker Boomer Grigsby on the second team defense. The rookie duo played very well side by side. They have both been vying for the second string middle linebacker position behind Kawika Mitchell. This is probably just a camp experiment and doesn't mean Griffin has switched positions.

Robert Holcombe played halfback again today, and dropped a pass from quarterback Trent Green. I don't remember Holcombe dropping a pass during any scrimmages thus far in camp.

Ronnie Cruz played fullback again today, and caught a pass for a touchdown, making a nice move to score on a screen pass.

Both Priest Holmes and Larry Johnson were held out of practice this afternoon. Johnson has a thigh injury and there is no time-table for his return, but he isn't expected to be out long.

Running Back Dee Brown ran with the first team today and ripped off some impressive runs.

Defensive End Jared Allen is playing very well, but hasn't had very much success against offensive tackle Willie Roaf. But then, no defensive end ever does. Allen consistently beats all the other left tackles during scrimmages, and it's clear that going against Roaf in practice every day is a large part of the reason he developed so quickly as a rookie last year. Don't expect a sophomore slump from Allen.

The "catch of the day" was made by wide receiver Jeris McIntyre, who laid out for a pass down the right sideline.

Dante Hall took a hand-off around the right side following right tackle Kevin Sampson, who pulled along with right guard John Welbourn for a nice gain.

Outside linebacker Scott Fujita is back at full speed after returning from an injury, but missed fullback Tony Richardson in the backfield, who ran for a nice gain after shedding the tackle.

In other Chiefs news, Kansas City Mayor Kay Barnes was in River Falls visited training camp today, she talked with Chiefs coach Dick Vermeil and Vice President of Football Operations/Player Personnel Lynn Stiles after practice.

This morning's training camp session was rained out as players filtered indoors for a walk through practice that lasted about an hour.

Both practices tomorrow will be full speed, and will last approximately 15 minutes longer than normal as the Chiefs begin preparations for their first pre-season game against the Vikings in Minnesota. Top Stories