Day 13: Training Camp Quick Hitters (PM Practice)

Severe Thunderstorms forced the Chiefs to practice inside this afternoon, where space is limited and the floor is very hard. There just isn't much that can be accomplished inside at River Falls, which is a major disappointment to Head Coach Dick Vermeil who had said prior to this week that is was important to have solid practices each day.

Veteran Safety Greg Wesley poked his head out of the locker room and asked a team assistant if it was raining, then returned to give the report to the team who cheered upon hearing the news. It may be a disappointment to the coaches, but to the tired and bruised players, the rain was a welcome relief.

Kansas City Chiefs fans who visited Rivers Falls to see this afternoons practice must have all headed to the lone cinema on main street, as I saw a line down the block and around the corner to watch "Willy Wonka" the only movie showing at the towns single screen theatre.

This didn't stop tight end Tony Gonzalez though, who returned to practice this morning. Gonzalez's work habits are very impressive. Even though he's been held to just one practice a day even when healthy, Gonzalez can always be seen working on a cutting or other route-running technique, and catching balls from an assistant, sometimes long after practice ends.

Linebacker Kendrell Bell will not play versus the Minnesota Vikings Friday night as he still has not been cleared to go full speed.

Running Back Priest Holmes practiced this afternoon, and would have if the practice had been outside with full pads as was scheduled. Holmes is expected to play a series or two Friday night, as should Tony Gonzalez.

Keyaron Fox had two interceptions this afternoon, but at half speed it doesn't really hold much significance.

Gonzalez had some fun with his receiver-mates this afternoon, after catching a Trent Green pass; he fired the ball to an unsuspecting Eddie Kennison, who caught it and threw it to Dante Hall, who in turn tossed it to Samie Parker. Gonzalez joked with the coaches, "We'll get the work in somehow."

One thing that can be observed indoors is the impressive array of pre-snap alignments, followed by the different shifts and motion. Gonzalez lined up at halfback on one play with Tony Richardson at fullback. Then Gonzalez shifted to the customary tight end spot at the end of the line, Richardson came up to a standing position as the single back, and Parker went into motion across the field before Green took the snap. It would be impossible to report on all the variations we see in practice and it surely takes a lot of preparation for the skill positions to learn all of the movement required pre-snap in offensive coordinator Al Saunders complex schemes. Running Back Robert Holcombe lined up at wide receiver earlier, and most observers expected him to shift out of that alignment, but he ran a route on one play, and blocked down on a linebacker from that same alignment for a wide receiver reverse to Dante Hall on the next play.

There will be a short special teams only practice scheduled for tomorrow morning, followed by a full pads practice tomorrow afternoon, which is the last practice scheduled before the team heads to Minneapolis on Friday to play the Vikings.

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