Day 14: Training Camp Quick Hitters (PM Practice)

It was a perfect afternoon in River Falls for football on Wednesday. The bright sun yielded perfect conditions for the teams final full squad practice before they play their first exhibition game on Friday night in Minnesota.

Running Back Priest Holmes looked as sharp as ever this afternoon and so did tight end Tony Gonzalez. Both will play in Friday's game. Coach Vermeil said that nobody would be held out of the game for any reason other than injury. It was good to see Gonzalez and Kris Wilson at Tight End today, it's tough to properly run the offense with none of your top three TE's including Jason Dunn, who worked on the sideline a little bit along with Offensive Tackle Will Shields.

Linebacker Scott Fujita will play as well, as he battles for his roster spot after missing a lot of time due to injury. Fujita did line up with the first team kick-off coverage unit.
A rule of thumb about how to determine which players are being given every opportunity to make the final roster, is by looking at who is playing on the first team special teams units. This doesn't mean as much heading into the first preseason game, but if a player is on one of the first teams, he most likely is still in the running.

The first team kick-off coverage unit today consisted of….Marc Boerigter, Benny Sapp, Derrick Johnson, Boomer Grigsby, Gary Stills, Scott Fujita, Keyaron Fox, Rich Scanlon, Jeris McIntyre, William Bartee and of course kicker Lawrence Tynes. I personally think at least two if not three of those players will have a tough time making the final 53 barring injury to someone ahead of them before the final cut-down.

Wide Receiver Chris Horn caught a couple touchdowns today, the first at the expense of cornerback Justin Perkins. This isn't an accurate picture since the defensive pressure was very intense today and some of those touchdown passes would not have been completed. Nonetheless the likes of Gonzalez, Richard Smith, Tony Richardson, Priest Holmes, Kris Wilson, Jeris McIntyre, Samie Parker and Chris Horn all caught the ball today in impressive fashion.

Holmes and Richardson had some nice runs, but the defense was very stingy against the run today, stopping most of them for little or no gain.

Quarterback James Killian threw a fade pattern to the corner of the end zone, only to have linebacker Derrick Johnson leap about three feet in the air to swat it away in what may have been the play of the day. If opposing QB's are going to throw the fade to Johnson's side, they are going to have to put a lot of air under the ball as DJ can really leap!

There will be a brief 35 minute Special Teams walk-through on Thursday morning in the last practice before the Vikings game on Friday. Top Stories