Day 21: Training Camp Quick Hitters (PM Practice)

The Chiefs practiced in shells and shorts under cloudy skies in perfect football weather this afternoon in River Falls. The practice was originally scheduled for full pads but Coach Vermeil decided at the last minute to change into shells.

The team spent a large portion of the practice in a scrimmage that included all positions except the Wide Receivers and Cornerbacks, who worked against each other on an adjacent field. The Chiefs utilized cameras on top of three large scissor-hands pedestals to video the practice instead of the one they normally use.

The play of the day today in my opinion was in the 7 0n 7 drills when the secondary covered the backs and receivers so well that Quarterback Trent Green had no place to throw the ball for over six seconds, then just conceded the play; great coverage from the first team defense versus the first team offense.

Wide Receiver Darrell Hill caught a long touchdown pass, around 40 yards in the air, thrown by Quarterback Damon Huard, who has really picked up his game in the last several days. Huard may throw the best long ball of any quarterback on the team.

Wide Receiver Eddie Kennison was back in practice even taking a full turn in the scrimmages. Guard Will Shields also took some snaps in the scrimmage, which can be very physical even in shells. Coach Vermeil said Shields would not play against the Cardinals but would play the following week versus the Seahawks.

Quarterback Trent Green was a bit off with his throws early in the scrimmages, but later was on fire, throwing several impressive strikes.

Wide Receiver Marc Boerigter impressed today as well, working with the second team led by Damon Huard.

Linebacker Boomer Grigsby provided coverage against Running Back McKenzi Smith, who motioned out of the backfield into a slot position pre-snap. Smith ran a go route straight down the field full speed and Grigsby stayed with Smith the whole way, Huard lobbed the ball and Grigsby's defensive mates shouted, "Ball, Ball" and Grigsby turned his head just in time to bat down the ball in an excellent example of on-field communication.

Punter Dustin Colquitt boomed four excellent punts, one had so much hang time that seven players on the punt team surrounded Dante Hall before the ball finally came down from the clouds into Halls arms. The shortest punt of the four went for 50 yards.

Kicker Lawrence Tynes boomed several kick-offs into the end-zone or the equivalent there-of, and was accurate in directional kicks, but did not attempt any field goals.

Tackle Will Svitek was impressive working in positional drills.

Today, Linebacker Rich Scanlon was the primary object of defensive coordinator Gunther Cunningham's' tirades today, giving Boomer Grigsby a bit of relief from his wrath.

Grigsby did a dead-on impression of Cunningham in last nights "Rookie Night" festivities, but Boomer made sure I reported that he has the ultimate respect for Cunningham and knew he was a much better football player than he was when camp started, and considers Cunningham to be the best coach he has ever been around. Boomer did admit though, that due to Cunninghams' rear-end chewing, he didn't have enough left to sit down. Grigsby does appear to be a much improved player than he was when the Chiefs drafted him.

The Chiefs have the final two practices of camp tomorrow, followed by a brief walk-through Friday morning. Then the equipment guys and all the many assistants go to work tearing down the entire weight room and everything that was brought, and haul it all back to Arrowhead to set it all back up before Mondays practice. These people do an amazing job! Top Stories