From The Stables: Arrowhead Does Not Rank High

Arrowhead Stadium has been a hot topic of discussion among Chiefs fans on tv, local talk radio and of course Warpaint Illustrated. In his latest column Dan Pompei ranks the best of the NFL stadiums. How could an outsider's point of view of Arrowhead Stadium possibly help show where Arrowhead now ranks by NFL stadium standards.

Dateline Sporting News:
Americans don't get romantic and poetic about their football stadiums like they do their baseball stadiums. We don't produce documentaries on football stadiums or refer to them as "cathedrals." Fans don't make "pilgrimages" to football stadiums -- they do road trips. A football stadium is a place to drink beer and scream, not get misty-eyed and nostalgic. Perhaps if we looked at some of the stadiums more closely, our appreciation for them would be heightened. A great football stadium can salvage a nice day out of a bad game. It can be a cauldron for passion and create a dramatic environment. The NFL offers some exceptional jewels -- as well as some exceptional dumps. After visiting all 31 NFL stadiums (remember, the Giants and Jets share one), here is one man's ranking, from best to worst.

1. Qwest Field, Seattle
SN - The best place in the world to watch football might not be your easy chair after all. This is the hidden treasure of America's stadiums. The architecture reflects the great Northwest, and the design offers magnificent views of it. From various points around the stadium, you can see Mount Rainier, Puget Sound, the Olympic Mountains and the Seattle skyline. The stadium design flows beautifully with neighboring Safeco Field, home of the Mariners. The triangular seating section in the north end zone is a fine touch. Qwest Field is located not far from downtown Seattle in a trendy area that's great for pre-game and post game partying.

FTS - If you check out his rankings closely, you'll see a common theme. He ranks the newer stadiums a lot higher than some of the older more established ones. I've never attended a game at Qwest Field, but judging by his comments it does sound like a complete success in design & functionality. If the Chiefs decided to move to Kansas, I believe they should make a trip to Seattle to get the lowdown on the construction of this gem.

6. Lambeau Field, Green Bay
SN - No stadium reflects its team and community better. It's a shrine as much as a stadium, the place where St. Vince worked miracles. Lambeau has the feel of a high school stadium but with more amenities. The renovations that were completed in 2003 added style and elegance to the place. The new atrium is wonderful. Where else can you get married and then cheer your favorite team to victory all in the same facility? What I don't like about Lambeau -- or what my back doesn't like -- is the aluminum bleacher seating.

FTSThe frozen tundra comes in at a shocking 6th with Pompei. I assumed with the refurbished Lambeau it would at the least be ranked in the top three. A refurbished Arrowhead needs to add some of the extras that the Packers have added to Lambeau (Hall of Fame, shops, huge concourses, atrium, etc…) to keep up with the times.

13. Arrowhead Stadium, Kansas City
SN - Like the Beatles, Arrowhead, which opened in 1972, still plays well after all these years. Other stadiums from its era have become rubble, but this remains a premier facility and a big reason why the Chiefs always sell out. You get a nice feel for the team and its history here. With less traffic and more bathrooms, Arrowhead would rate higher.

FTS - The Chiefs should copy Pompei's column and send it to every taxpayer in Jackson County and the state of Missouri. He states it's a premier facility, but needs BATHROOMS! This is exactly what Clark Hunt and Carl Peterson have been saying for a few years now. Arrowhead is a beautiful stadium and the most beautiful stadium in the NFL (props to CBS Broadcaster Kevin Harlan), but it needs the additions to put it on top. How he can rank Arrowhead 13th is a joke though. Has this guy ever attended a game there? It's like a religious experience that EVERY Chiefs fan has to experience once in their lifetime. We all know Arrowhead needs to be refurbished, but 13th? It's time for the taxpayers to take notice of what the national perception of Arrowhead is at the moment.

SI Best of the Rest:
Best Place to Get Loud - The Dawg Pound in Cleveland Browns Stadium.
Best Place to Get Quiet - One of the four jail cells at Lincoln Financial Field.
Best Place to Meet an ex-convict - McAfee Coliseum
Best Place to Stomp Your Feet - Invesco Field.
Best Place to Tailgate - Lambeau Field.
Best Mingling and Meeting Spot - The Pirate Ship at Raymond James Stadium.
Best Place to get a Suntan - Raymond James Stadium.
Best Place to See a Replay - M&T Bank Stadium
Best Place to Dress Well - Texas Stadium.
Best Super Bowl Stadium - Louisiana Superdome.
Best Place to Watch a Night Game - Reliant Stadium.
Best Place to get a Nosebleed - Edward Jones Dome(Upper Level).

FTS - I think a few Chiefs fans that have made the trek to Oaktown could probably tell you they've met a few ex-con's at the Mausoleum. I'm sure Cleveland is loud & Green Bay does have great tailgating, but how do you not have Arrowhead as the "Best" of one of those categories?

I think the next time Pompei is in town for a Chiefs game some Arrowhead faithful need to get a hold of him and let him experience Arrowhead from a fans standpoint and not a journalist who stays in the press box. It's time that Arrowhead Stadium either gets a makeover or a new stadium is built before columnist's start talking about it like the infamous Black Hole in Oakland. Missouri are you listening? Top Stories