Chiefs Bring Back Draft Picks Hodge and Thorpe

On Monday morning the Kansas City Chiefs announced their 2005 practice squad. Heading this class are the only two draftees that did not make the final roster; cornerback Alphonso Hodge and wide receiver Craphonso Thorpe. We take a look at all nine players on the list and what impact they might have on the roster this season.

Kansas City Chiefs 2005 Practice Squad

S Scott Connot - The former NFLE standout was caught up in a numbers game in Kansas City. Because the Chiefs were unable to unload veteran safety Jerome Woods; Connot was cut on Saturday. But he has some upside to eventually become a solid back-up for the Chiefs.

RB Samkon ‘Sam' Gado The baby 'Nigerian Nightmare' was a favorite of Offensive Coordinator Al Saunders. When Gado went down with an injury in training camp it was just a matter of time before he would be cut. Oh he has the talent to be an NFL running back but the decision to release him early in camp was based on the fact the Chiefs only intended to carry four running backs; Gado was a might long shot. But this guy is a player and could make this team in 2006.

TE Aaron Golliday - Another long shot to make the roster, Golliday is simply an insurance policy in the event Tony Gonzalez or Kris Wilson gets hurt during the regular season. He showed some ability in training camp but he has little chance to get on the active roster this season. He spent 15 weeks on the Chiefs 2004 practice squad so he should be familiar with the offense if he gets a chance to suit up.

G Peter Heyer - Peter Heyer is the Chiefs International Development Player. Under terms of the program, Heyer can't be placed on the 2005 active roster at any point this season.

CB Alphonso Hodge - Too many who saw Alphonso Hodge play in OTA and mini-camp could not help but draw comparisons between the young man from Miami (Ohio) to former Chiefs cornerback James Hasty. Short, strong and powerful, all Hodge needs is playing time and experience. The Chiefs are only carrying four cornerbacks to start the season and its not out of the question that Hodge gets on the 53 man roster sometime this season. Of all the practice squad players, he has the best shot of making an impact this season.

WR Jeris McIntyre - The former Auburn Tiger has come along way in just one year. After a strong season in NFL Europe, McIntyre came on late and nearly made the final roster. He had a huge game in St. Louis against the Rams. Reports that he has been claimed by the New York Jets are untrue.

RB McKenzi Smith - Smith was in a battle with Dee Brown all preseason and Smith who is more versatile than Brown because he can return kicks; gets the nod over Brown who has been a journeyman thus far in his NFL career. But Smith has a motor that the Chiefs like and he can run and catch the ball with ease and along with Gado could compete for a roster spot in 2006.

WR Craphonso Thorpe - This was the most disappointing cut the Chiefs made on Saturday. Thorpe has all the tools to be a legitimate number one receiver for Kansas City. He just needs more experience and he has to adjust to the speed of the NFL. Thorpe has overcome quite a bit in his short career including a broken leg that prevented him from being drafted in the first day. We had Thorpe rated the best player on the board to start the second day of the draft and that hasn't changed. Thorpe now understands what he has to do get on the active roster and before this season ends he or McIntyre will do just that.

DE Zach Ville - One of the brightest notes of training camp has been that of un-drafted rookie Zach Ville. The rookie from the University of Missouri has shown a tenacity to get to the quarterback. That's something the Chiefs struggled with in the preseason and Ville with a solid year on the practice squad and some seasoning in NFL Europe next year; could make this squad in 2006. He's someone to watch and keep an eye on as the season unfolds if there is an injury along the defensive line in 2005. Top Stories