Fantasy Futures: Kansas City vs. Oakland

Quite the performance we witnessed last Sunday by Kansas City. The Chiefs looked like the best team in the NFL and a sure fire lock for the playoffs. Well, don't get you're hopes up quite yet. It's a long season and another game of injuries like they experienced against the Jets and the Chiefs could find themselves on the outside looking in once again.

As for the fantasy studs Priest Holmes and Tony Gonzalez, they were merely mediocre statistically. Larry Johnson continued his string of two touchdown performances and once again proved his value as a running back. Johnson has proven that he can score from anywhere on the field. Trent Green was his efficient self, aside from that terrible toss in the end zone which ended up in the hands of Ty Law for his only interception of the day.

This week's match-up should please the masses. AFC West rivals Kansas City and Oakland square off in a divisional battle Sunday evening. As the featured prime time game of the weekend, you can expect players to shine in the spotlight and produce big numbers while the entire league watches one of the oldest and best rivalries in the west.

Let's take a closer look at the players and see how they will affect your fantasy team.

Trent Green - In his past two games against Oakland, Green has thrown for almost 700 yards and 5 touchdowns. Expect more of the same this week. New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady had a stellar game last week throwing for more than 300 yards a pair of touchdown passes. Expect Green to do the same this weekend. The Raiders will pack the box with defenders to attempt to stop the two-headed monster of Holmes and Johnson. Green should be among the top four fantasy quarterbacks in week two.

Kerry Collins - Now that Collins has Randy Moss and Lamont Jordan, the Raiders are a more diverse offense. But that shouldn't mean much this week if the Chiefs can control the clock and put pressure on the Collins, who has a propensity for throwing errant passes. Still Collins can't scramble well, if the Chiefs defense can replicate what they did last week against the New York Jets, the Oakland quarterback should resort to his expected ways of fumbling and throwing interceptions. With Moss in the line-up the Raiders passing game becomes one of the games best, if cornerback Patrick Surtain plays, it's a wash. If somehow Surtain has a set back and does not play, the Chiefs secondary is in for a long day as the Raiders are loaded at receiver. Regardless of the Chiefs defense, Collins should toss for a couple touchdowns and close to 275 yards. So despite going against the Chiefs, he's still a solid play this weekend.

Priest Holmes/Larry Johnson - Start both of them until further notice. These guys are studs behind the best offensive line in the NFL. Even with Willie Roaf and possibly Tony Richardson out of this game, Kansas City can still have an effective running game against the Raiders defense. If the big guy isn't in the lineup this Sunday, the toss left isn't as unstoppable as normal especially when you consider the Raiders will play a pair of defensive ends at linebacker to support the run. Still it's amazing watching the Chiefs run that play two out of four running plays and it chewing up yards every single time. It's the most predictable run play in the NFL and nobody does it better than Kansas City. Every team knows the Chiefs are going to call it, yet no one can stop it. On Sunday night either back could explode for 120+ yards and a score a pair of touchdowns. If you're a Chiefs fan, you have to love that especially those of you who have both of these guys in your starting lineup.

Lamont Jordan - He too is a must start. Even though KC limited last year's NFL rushing champ (Curtis Martin) to less than 70 yards, Jordan has the strength to carry the rock 30 times and should get close to 100 yards. His only draw back is whether he loses carries to Zack Crockett in the red zone. With Moss and Porter on the outside, KC can't commit too many guys to stopping the run, so Jordan's numbers should reflect that. However, Jordan did struggle in the second half as he appeared a bit winded. Remember he's been a career back-up. Still he's a safe play against the Chiefs.

Eddie Kennison/Samie Parker - Kansas City's only true fantasy threat at wide receiver is Kennison. Parker must prove his value as a starter and has yet to do so but he catches the ball well and can really stretch the field. Still don't start Parker unless you're in dire straits. Kennison has value as a number two/three receiver or at the flex position. There will be plenty of points to go around in this game so expect Kennison to rack up 80+ yards and get into the end zone at least once.

Randy Moss/Jerry Porter - Moss is an animal and if you don't start him every week you're nutz. With Surtain in the lineup expect a battle between him and Moss. Based on his performance a week ago against the Patriots, the big target should get at least one touchdown against the Chiefs. Porter is an enigma, last year he did squat as a number one receiver. This year he has Moss on the other side drawing double coverage and the number one corner. Porter should catch 6-8 balls for 100+ yards, but then again he was supposed to do that last year as well. He's still battling a strained hamstring but he has a history of playing well against the Chiefs. Start Moss, start Porter reluctantly as Doug Gabriel or Ronald Curry could catch all the balls Porter is supposed too. That is if either one of them plays on Sunday night.

Tony Gonzalez - Virtually shut out on opening day, Gonzalez will feast on Oakland's defensive end/linebackers and their porous secondary. He should top 80+ yards and catch at least one if not two touchdowns. He's always made plays against the Raiders.

Courtney Anderson - The big tight end had a two touchdown day at New England and too most around the NFL, that was an eye opener for many; especially for those who drafted Teyo Johnson. Yes some of you drafted Teyo Johnson. Anyway, Anderson will NOT catch two touchdowns this week as the Chiefs will make adjustments in how they defend the tight end position. Last week they were burned by the Jets Chris Baker who lit up the defense with a seven reception performance that included a touchdown catch late in the game. In this game expect the Chiefs to correct that hole in the defense. Find a better option at tight end don't play Anderson this week. Watch him though as he could blossom into a reasonable option as the season goes on with Moss pulling the safeties from the center of the field.

Lawrence Tynes - Tynes missed another short field goal and is not worthy of a start this week. He's too inconsistent and is unreliable.

Sebastian Janikowski - He's got a deep leg and should have plenty of opportunities this week especially if the offense struggles in the red zone. Start Janikowski and feel comfortable knowing he might get a pair of 50 yard field goal for you this week.

Kansas City - With Surtain this is a must start defense especially after last week's performance. Sims is out indefinitely, so expect Siavii, Browning and Wilkerson to pick up the slack along the interior of the defensive line. With the lack of defensive line depth, the Chiefs should play more 3-4 this week and in the weeks to come. Play the Chiefs defense and hope for Dante Hall magic.

Oakland - Not a real good fantasy unit to say the least. The Chiefs will run the ball a lot this weekend and if Green gets hot, you might score negative points. Just kidding. Look elsewhere for your fantasy defense. Top Stories