Chiefs vs. Raiders Point - Counterpoint

To Chiefs fans ‘Raiders Week' is an event. It's the time when fans for both teams get to talk smack and lay claim that they're AFC West team is far superior to the other. Heading into this game the Chiefs have won four in a row and based on their performance a week ago, Kansas City appears to have a leg up on the Raiders. To preview the game, Warpaint Illustrated tries to match wits with Silver and Black as we break down Sunday's contest.

But in the NFL there are no guarantees and though the Chiefs have superior talent at every position outside of wide receiver, this is the home opener for the Raiders. Dating back ten years Oakland is 9-1 in those openers. The only loss of course coming to the Kansas City Chiefs back in 1997 when then quarterback Elvis Grbac threw a late touchdown pass to Andre Rison for the game winner with only a handful of seconds left on the clock.

Still it's the best rivalry in the NFL. It has more history and moments than any other match-up since the birth of the old AFL. It's been an amazing rivalry one chalk full of memories that brings out the best of the fan base. The debate as to which team is better will rage even after the outcome of Sunday Night's contest. Entering this contest the Raiders are coming off a very disappointing loss to the New England Patriots. On offense the Raiders went to the Moss ‘Well' a few too many times. The offense was very predictable and the Patriots for the most part; shut down the offense after their impressive opening drive.

On defense the Raiders are forced to play defensive linemen at linebacker because they don't have the personnel to play a conventional defense. However, they did manage to stop the Patriots running back Corey Dillon. But they'll face two of the better running backs in the NFL on Sunday night in Priest Holmes and Larry Johnson. The Chiefs new two-headed monster has become the talk of the NFL after week one. Holmes and Johnson both love playing in Oakland and each has had success in the Coliseum. If Kansas City is going to be successful, quarterback Trent Green must get off to a hot start. Though he threw for 200 yards last weekend against the Jets, he threw another Red Zone interception and that's something that has to be a concern if you're a Chiefs fan. It's something the Raiders need to hope happens on more than one occasion this weekend.

But this game could come down not to Randy Moss but Jerry Porter who needs to have a monster game to stretch the Chiefs defensive secondary. Kansas City is vulnerable in the secondary despite the addition of cornerback Patrick Surtain. Though he was knocked out of the Jets game after his 53-yard interception, he's expected to play this weekend. He'll play the left side and Dexter McCleon who is barely 5' 9" will have a tough time matching up with Porter or Moss regardless of what side of the field he plays. If Raiders quarterback Kerry Collins can get enough time in the pocket, he'll find some open receivers down the field.

Last year the Raiders struggled rushing the ball but with the addition of Lamont Jordan, those fortunes could change. However, Jordan has been a career back-up and it could take him several more weeks to adjust to the pounding he'll take as a featured back. Regardless, he's a load to bring down but Kansas City after shutting down Curtis Martin last week, has the horses on the front seven to make it a tough evening for Jordan.

With that as our primer, Warpaint Illustrated Publisher Nick Athan and Silver and Black Beat Writer Mike Wagaman face off on five burning questions for the big AFC West showdown between the Chiefs and Raiders!

Question 1: What does Kerry Collins have to do against the Chiefs secondary that allowed over 300 yards in passing last week?

WARPAINT ILLUSTRATED: Collins is one of those quarterbacks capable of throwing five touchdowns or four interceptions in a single game. If he studies last weeks game film, he'll know that the Chiefs had a weakness covering tight ends and wide receivers in the middle of the field. Granted they struggled when Surtain left the game in defending the pass but they are still vulnerable when he's on the field. Rookie linebacker Derrick Johnson had trouble defending the pass last week and if Collins was smart; he'd be wise to use his tight ends and running back first in the passing game. If he continues that downfield aerial display and focuses on Randy Moss, then the Chiefs defense has a much better shot at stopping the Raiders offense.

SILVER AND BLACK: For Collins and the Raiders to have success through the air, it comes down to one thing: protection. Oakland's offensive line did not hold up well against New England's pass rush last week, which forced Collins to get rid of the ball earlier than he wanted. Where Collins failed was in locking in on Moss the entire game, The Raiders have plenty of play-makers elsewhere, like Jerry Porter, Ronald Curry and tight end Courtney Anderson, who scored two touchdowns against the Pats. Though the temptation to go deep to Moss is great, Collins has to take a patient approach against Kansas City and wait for the slow opening routes over the middle. If he can get that going early, it should open things up downfield for Moss and others, who can take advantage of Kansas City's dinged-up secondary.

Question 2: Can Oakland's defense stop Holmes and Johnson?

WARPAINT ILLUSTRATED: No way. If you had a lock-of-the-week, this would be it if you were a Chiefs fan. Even without All-Pro left tackle Willie Roaf and All-Pro fullback Tony Richardson, the Chiefs have enough horses on the offensive line to pave the way for 200 plus yards rushing. Holmes and Johnson are the NFL's best running back duo. The Raiders defense has to be shivering with fear at what these two running backs could accomplish Sunday night. Holmes has the darting and cutback ability that can cause the Raiders fits. Johnson is so fast and powerful that one small seam and he's off to the races. With the Raiders using seven or eight men in the box to stop the run, Kansas City could have numerous long runs. If Holmes and especially Johnson manage to get into the Raiders secondary, Kansas City could run for over 300 yards.

SILVER AND BLACK: No defense will be able to fully stop Holmes and Johnson, so the Raiders aren't pinning their hopes there. Instead Oakland wants to limit the effectiveness of Kansas City's ground game and try to put the game in QB Trent Green's hands. Oakland did a good job of swarming and containing New England RB Corey Dillon last week despite playing most of the second half in its dime defense. The Raiders were most effective against the run when DE Bobby Hamilton and LB Kirk Morrison were on the field, but they'll need more than that against a powerful tandem like Holmes and Johnson. The Raiders need to be more active up front on the defensive line; otherwise it's up to the linebackers and a questionable secondary to make the tackles, and that's not a winning proposition as far as Oakland's concerned. The key remains in trying to take Kansas City out of the running game and forcing the Chiefs to throw. An early lead from the offense will go a long way toward making that happen.

Question 3: Where's The Beef?

WARPAINT ILLUSTRATED: The Kansas City Chiefs have the best offensive line in football. Even with the aforementioned injuries that Kansas City faces this week, the Chiefs have the ability to dominate the line of scrimmage. For the Raiders though they're young on the offensive line; didn't bring their best foot forward against the Patriots. After the initial drive, the line had no answers for the Patriots relentless pass rush. In the second half they didn't do a strong job or blocking well for Lamont Jordan. The Raiders line has the talent to dominate but has yet to show that ability in a game situation. If they want to win this game, the Raiders have to be more consistent blocking for Jordan and protecting Kerry Collins who needs time for those long passes to be successful.

SILVER AND BLACK: Oakland's offensive line had a terrible night against New England and has to rebound against a Chiefs defense that was very impressive against the Jets last week. That won't be easy. The Raiders have the beef up the middle to run effectively but they essentially abandoned the ground game in the second half against the Pats after falling behind by two scores. Norv Turner has to be patient and allow his line to get into a groove; against Kansas City, it might not come until the third quarter. Turner wrote off the pressure on Collins by New England, saying the Patriots do that to every team. If it happens against the Chiefs, Turner and the Raiders will have no excuse.

Question 4: Is This a Must Win for the Chiefs or Raiders?

WARPAINT ILLUSTRATED: For the Chiefs they sit a top the AFC West. After defeating the Jets a week ago, the rest of their division rivals all lost. With two straight AFC West games on their slate, the Chiefs can distance themselves from the rest of the division with a win against the Raiders on Sunday and the Broncos a week later. Even further a win would put the Chiefs up two games plus the tie-breaker on not only the Raiders but the loser of Sunday afternoon's AFC West contest between Denver and San Diego.

SILVER AND BLACK: It's tough to make a Week Two game critical, but for the Raiders it's more than that. A loss would put Oakland in a deep hole with a trip to Philadelphia on tap the following week, and it would bring even more heat from the faithful who expected big things from their team this season. Conversely, a win can put the Raiders back on track and right in the thick of things. More than just a notch in the victory column, a win over Kansas City would be a big emotional boost for a team that was lost four straight and five of the last six games overall against the Chiefs.

Question 5: Who will win?

WARPAINT Illustrated: This to me is a trap game. There is no doubt that the Chiefs are clearly the better all around team. But this team has struggled on the road in the Dick Vermeil era and even though they've won their last two meetings in Oakland, they spent so much time preparing for the New York Jets that if they're not focused the Raiders will win this game. Kansas City is fortunate that they have some depth along the defensive and offensive line. They'll need every bit of that if they want to win this game Sunday. For the Chiefs their offensive performance against the Jets was not stellar. Yes they ran for nearly 200 yards and passed for more than that but they struggled at times to find a rhythm. If they find it, especially early in this game, the Raiders could be in for a long evening. On defense, Kansas City will blitz Kerry Collins using both their linebackers and safeties to put pressure on the Raiders quarterback. Randy Moss will likely get his yardage but the Chiefs have more than enough talent to shut down the rest of their offensive firepower to win this game.
Prediction: Chiefs 34 – Raiders 23

SILVER AND BLACK: It may be cliché, but games involving teams from the AFC West have a life of their own no matter when or where it is or what the records are going in. That's the case again this year. Kansas City was very impressive in its win over the Jets but let's face it, New York isn't exactly a world-beater this year. Oakland has won its last seven straight home openers, the last loss coming to the Chiefs in 1997 when Andre Rison caught a last-second touchdown on Monday Night Football. To get it to eight, the Raiders need to build off progress made by the defense last week and get a better effort from QB Kerry Collins and the offense. Both teams can score in bunches so there won't be a lot of time for napping.
Prediction: Raiders 31 - Chiefs 27 Top Stories