DEBUT: Boomer Grigsby Answers Your Questions

Each week Warpaint Illustrated brings you a one on one chat with Kansas City Chiefs rookie linebacker Boomer Grigsby. In this first issue of our one on one sessions, Boomer talks about the Raiders game, the upcoming Monday Night game in Denver and answers questions directly from the Warpaint Illustrated faithful.

Q. Warpaint Illustrated - Boomer talk a little about Sunday night's game in Oakland and how it felt to beat the Raiders?
Boomer Grigsby - I loved the experience. Its one of the greatest rivalries in all of pro football and for us to go out into the Coliseum and pull out a big win I think it really helped our football team. It showed our persistence. All parts did a tremendous job the offense and the defense did a great job in the end and the starters did their job.

Warpaint Illustrated - With the Broncos coming up have you had a chance to look at them on film?
Boomer Grigsby - "I'm actually watching them right now. I have not been able to formal an opinion yet. obviously it's going to be a tough place to play on Monday Night Fans. Their fans will be up and so will we. It's another unbelievable rivalry let alone a Monday Night game. They have all the ammunition they need because we're 2-0 and they are 1-1. There are going to be some sparks flying."

WI (Sonicman54) - Many Kansas City Chiefs and NFL players are involved in charity. Tony Richardson, Trent Green, Will Shields, and Tony Gonzalez are all well-known for their active community service. Are you involved with any charitable organization, or plan to be in the future?
Boomer Grigsby - "I definitely intend on being very strong within the community within the foundations; hoping that I remain in Kansas City. You're first year Kansas City has an outstanding player development program so they kind of walk your through the charity deals. It's kind of like an orientation that gets you involved in things. They let you decide for yourself what your charity is going to be and what you intend on pursuing. As of right now, rookies don't usually do that right away. So they walk us through it and show us how it works out."

WI (Balbonifan) - Do you remember hitting a one-handed homerun in batting practice before a game in East Peoria, Illinois? My buddy says he played against you that day and still talks about it?
Boomer Grigsby (Laughing) I don't remember being much of a power hitter. I always thought I was the kind of a guy who looked like he could hit the ball four miles. I was really all speed around the bases. I wasn't much for distance.

WI (Lake Tiger) - Is the NFL everything you thought it would be and how is your relationship with Gunther Cunningham?
Boomer Grigsby - "I think the NFL is everything I thought it would be. Maybe a little bit more than I thought it would be. It's hard to separate it from being a hobby to kind of a fun sport to a career. You really have to learn how to put in the extra time and make yourself better. As of right now I need to get unbelievably better on special teams. I have a long way to go. But I need to make it real fast so I can help us win games. Right now that's my role so I'm trying to focus a little bit more on special teams more than the defense. I'm studying the defense trying to be prepared when I get my opportunity so I can succeed. Right now my main focus is on special teams trying to help Kansas City cover kicks.'

"As far as Gunther Cunningham, I think me and Gun have a great relationship. He's probably the best defensive coordinator in the NFL. I respect him more than maybe any man or any coach that I've ever had. I think he believes in me and he sees a light in me. He has a lot enthusiasm towards me and I like that. He's always on me trying to make me better. Even If I do something good he knows there is a way that I can do it even better than that. I think the tremendous coaching that I'm able to receive from him and Coach (Fred) Pagac that I couldn't trade for anything in the world. So for him to be animated like he is that allows me to be a little more focused and allows him to deliver the message they way he likes to deliver it.'

WI (Moveoverhockeyimachiefsfannow) - What has been your biggest surprise since April?
Boomer Grigsby - "Like I said I think it's the overall skill of pro football. I mean for instance the speed and the strength. I knew everyone was going to be better and everything was gong to be fast. But on actual game day the bullets are flying so fast that it's all so quick you don't have time to think. You have to use your head all week long through preparations so on Sundays you just react."

WI (Birdman 81) - Did you historically wear the # 51 on a Pop Warner or High School team?
Boomer Grigsby - "I wore 46 my whole life and loved that number. I actually had it tattooed on my arm and never realized that I'd play pro football. It was kind of my number from high school and college and it was the number that I made my entire name on. I switched to number 51 because Scott Fujita was the tallest linebacker we had and I'm kind of short so I thought it would give me an extra inch. And also then when in doubt what would (Dick) Butkus do. So I figured I couldn't go wrong."

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